Your patchwork of silos block outcomes and decisions. They impede collaboration, adding wastage and cost.

Our Data-Driven systems bridge the gap between integration and collaboration. They create agility, saving you time and money.

Your information management problems stem from:

Your disjointed collaboration.

Due to the static, incoherent patchwork of data management (Silos and Spreadsheets) and collaboration tools, you're replicating information through third party tools instead of collaborating.

Your lack of agility.

Your information management is impeding your organisations agility, because your user imposed structures and silos aren't accessible or extendible. This is restricting your orgnisations abilities.

Your incoherent Decisions.

Your information is producing incoherent decisions on outdated information because you are reliant on layers of complicated replication and high cost extraction processes.

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See how they benefited from:

  • Removing duplicated effort.
  • Faster time to value.
  • Lower ongoing costs.
  • Collaboration.
  • Higher quality information.

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With our solution G8CC you gain value by:

Increasing trust in information.

Improving knowledge and productivity within business processes allows you to save time and money by reducing wastage and duplicated effort.

Providing a agile foundation.

Reduce business risk and loss of knowledge with a secure solution that enables you to mitigate change, reducing time and costs.

Reducing business costs.

Seamlessly reuse trusted information and infrastructure, allowing you to reduce time to value within business processes.

G8CC provides the tools needed to create value quickly. It includes:

An access management and governance system.

Real-time channels for visualization.

Easily build integrated, collaborative web services.

With G8CC you can create and build on value. That allows you to deliver faster time to value and lower ongoing costs.

G8CC provides a simple, low risk solution to modernise your IT. That allows you to increase productivity.

To see how you can accelerate your digital journey, breaking down silos, spreadsheets and replication across third party collaboration tools, take our simple, interactive, guided tour here.

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