B2Bi has been hard, it doesn't need to be.

Digital and connectivity provides an opportunity. But, this hasn't been harnessed by traditional B2Bi software.

Improve trust and data quality. Remove blind spots and silos. Utilise simple B2Bi software to unlock a competitive advantage.

Digital and its underlying connectivity unlocks agility for B2Bi.

Traditional B2Bi software hasn't harnessed this flexibility. Its mirrored paper processes in a digital format. That has increased complexity because it constantly needs to sync data.

Digital and connectivity allows B2Bi to harness a single data object. This creates a single version of the truth. That truth gets reused, re-purposed, extend and joined-up. This improves data quality and unlocks visibility. That creates resilience and builds trust, delivering a competitive advantage.

Our B2Bi software G8CC allows you to harness a single data object. G8CC creates an asynchronous network of systems. It has a distributed data sharing layer and secure access governance framework.

G8CC removes the need to constantly sync data. That reduces complexity and unlocking agility. That speeds up time to value supporting business change. This allows you to surpass your competitors.

With G8CC multiple partners reuse the same data object. This data object can be within an existing database or API. That allows them to build on and reuse existing trust and investments.

G8CC improves data quality, building trust. That is because you're reusing a trusted unique data object. That unlocks agility. This reduces complexity, creating a competitive advantage.

G8CC allows you to unlock an innovative data sharing solution without the need to replace all systems. It is a low risk alternative to the high cost, sunc based systems B2Bi software.

G8CC is simple and fast to get started with. You can use it in infrastructure that suits your needs. This means you don't have to pass your data to a third party provider.

G8CC releases value for:

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