Accelerating Local Government's back-office Digital Journey.

Empowering Collaboration, Governance, Visualisation and Automation, enabling Employees to release valuable time to spend with those in need.

We empower Local Government to reuse and build on the value of their Data, enabling employees to help a greater number of people.

When using GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) Local Government will benefit from:

Flexible working environments, empowering recruitment.

Bringing people and data together around individuals, enabling faster decisions.

Improve demand management, using high quality data, collaboration and visualisation.

The ability to focus on outcomes.

Support for agile, low cost IT systems.

Faster transformation across its back-office.

Adoption for Local Government is easy because, they can:

We empower Local Government to support a low risk, efficient people-to-people model, enabling employees to spend more time with citizens in need.