Simple bright future Vs the cold, dark, costly shackles of legacy.

Break the shackles of the beast within, to embrace a bright, agile and simple future.

Goliaths entrenching you in a cold, dark, legacy.

Goliaths of the Tech industry have entombed Government Institutions and Businesses of all sizes in fear to feed their beast within. Their ever more outlandish and complicated layers entrenching the shackles that cuff the organisation to the Goliath's cold, dark,and costly offerings.

These Goliaths are drowning organisations in layers of integration, data and complicated software, creating a feeling that these organisations can't escape to something simpler.

Their evermore outlandish layers consume budgets and reduce organisations to their knees.

Goliaths acronyms, marketing and hype cover the same old offerings with new pricing models or the same services in a different place. These solutions trap organisations within more layers; more data; more software; more storage; more support; more hardware and inevitably more COSTS.

The Goliaths can only continue to cement organisations to these shackles of replication; layers and complicated delivery; it's how they feed the beast within. It can seem an inescapable, vicious, circle!

Bring down Goliath.

These modern day Goliaths fear simplicity like the latter day Goliath learned to fear David and his sling.

These Goliaths fear the knowledge that connectivity doesn't need to mean replication, layers of software or paying multiple times for the same thing.

Their brighter future for the entombed organisation is more shackles and more costs.

Breaking free from being entombed by these Goliath's may seem hard, but, the truth is, that just like a stone from a well aimed sling they can be brought down and stopped. The organisation can break free of the shackles.

Breaking the shackles of cold, dark, legacy.

Breaking the shackles means creating a simple, manageable foundation that empowers your organisation allowing it to focus on process needs and to use budgets to create value. This empowerment will enable the organisation to make decisions faster, on higher quality information and at lower cost.

GARNET8 - A company willing to take a stand to break the shackles.

GARNET8 - A company built by the generation who grow up with internet and connectivity.

GARNET8 - A company that grew a new solution to solve the needs of an already entombed business and proved that there is a better way.

GARNET8 - A company without ties to legacy software, technologies, services or corporate bloat.

GARNET8 - A company that's built on agility and low costs.

GARNET8 - A company that's focused on 'Making IT Simple'.

GARNET8 - A company who believes in saving your organisation 'Time and Money'.

GARNET8 - A company who innovated, took steps beyond legacy thinking and the entombment it encapsulates.

GARNET8 - A company with a vision to create a bright future for you.

If your organisation wants to break free and escape from the Goliaths of the tech industry, contact us here to take your steps to finding your inner 'David'.