Simple bright future vs the Cold, Dark, Costly shackles of legacy (Part 2).

The outlandish layers of software, replication and duplicated effort entombing Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes and the sling that empowers them to break free.

The Goliath's offerings haven't invigorated transformation, they've just shackled another layer to their legacy.

Goliath's mantra of software and replication entombing organisation within their clutches.

The Goliath's of Tech have entrenched Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes within tortuous layers of software, replication, complexity and duplication.

Organisations have been bound to an inescapable, vicious, circle of more, more replication, more layers, more static data and inevitably more COSTS.

The more outlandish layers of software and replication entrenched within organisations the more organisations are embroiled within the Goliath's clutches. The layers impede flexibility, suck organisations budgets dry and bring agility and change management to a crawl.

The Goliath's legacy products, corporate bloat and services have entombed organisations to the narrow-sighted monster. These Goliath's aren't innovating beyond their ecosystem, their tying organisations to a intolerable patchwork complexity.

Within the Goliath's repertoire you have Sync solutions, Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs), Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and the latest Distributed Ledgers to "Make data available". Making data available being code for organisations needing MORE, more storage, more static data, more infrastructure to manage it, more expensive memory for lookups and more consulting, equalling more COSTS.

The "Making data available" doesn't engage, it doesn't increase productivity and it doesn't improve change management. What is does adds more layers for organisations to manage, shackling organisations to Goliath's Cold, Dark, Costly offering of legacy.

The benefits and opportunities of breaking free from the narrow-sighted monster.

Organisations never benefit from paying for the same thing multiple times, this time, that 'thing' is the set of software licences, data storage, consulting and infrastructure they require. This saving empowers organisations to benefit from a lower total cost of ownership, greater efficiency and flexibility.

Organisations have the opportunity to innovate faster, at a lower cost, supporting change management and generating better value for money. Removing duplicated effort and data, organisations benefit from a secure, trusted and simple to extend foundation.

Organisations can create a data-driven foundation. A foundation that moves beyond replicative static data, to engaging people and things based on a 'need-to-know' basis.

Organisations can move beyond the Goliath's ecosystem, breaking free from the Cold, Dark, Costly offering of legacy, layers and replication, creating a efficient data-driven foundation.

The sling of efficiency.

At GARNET8 we set out to use the connectivity of the internet to connect and engage, instead of replicate.

With our solution GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) we removed the duplication, to provide a solution that supports organisations' processes.

Our solution grew from the needs of a small business ecosystem and supply chain that collaborated and engaged. At varying scales, this ecosystem is duplicated within Government departments and Business of all sizes.

With our solution organisations benefit from faster and simpler change management. Organisations have the ability to easily reuse and create trusted information within its ecosystem. This empowers organisations to reuse and retain trust in information as it eliminates duplication, insecurities and costs. This drives efficient data management and better decisions processes.

Our solution provides faster time-to-value, creating higher return-on-investment, allowing organisations to deliver more for less.

Our solution allows organisations to break free from the clutches of the Goliath's infrastructure, learning and visualisation tools. This allows them to create a foundation that mixes and matches to support their process needs.

Our solution allows organisations to develop distributed business processes within an environment that's secure, collaborative, trusted and simple to extend and change. This moves organisation far beyond the costly, replicative, layers and silos they are currently lumbered with.

Our solution provides that platform, framework and data management to easily deliver a data-driven organisation.