Asynchronous network of peers creating business value.

Opportunity to deliver seamless change management across collaborative networks and supply chains.

Lacking trust is impeding productivity.

Government Departments and Businesses of sizes suffer from disjointed and high cost data management within their organisation and across their borders. This creates a lack of trust around data, creating impractical processes, delivering poor decisions and impedes productivity.

Disjointed data management increases duplicated effort and process complexity, risking security and information compliance, this restricts your organisation ability to make decisions. Current data management is heightening risk, causing you to lose knowledge, its diminishing your competitive advantage and can tarnish your reputation.

Its currently not working.

'Mass Replication' of unneeded and unused data is impractical and hugely wasteful.

Current 'Mass Replication' or sync based systems are impractical for data management. These systems increase storage and search over heads.

The replication of customer, supply and confidential information across competitors systems for small amounts of collaboration also make decision makers queasy. These types of systems are impractical within Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes because of compliance and trust issues.

Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes need a seamless way to complete common goals quick and efficiently; mass replication or untrusted duplication doesn't support this.

A brighter future.

The ability to deliver trust between processes and across organisation boundaries will increase productivity and reduce costs. A simple decentralised layer that is driven by data, can create real-time systems that enable you to mitigate risk and make better decision faster.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) allows you to create a seamless decentralised layer that enables you to easily complete common tasks quickly and efficiently.

We built G8CC as a asynchronous network of peers that delivers business value. These peers enable data management and collaboration without replication or compromising data integrity. This is delivered by a seamless laterally scaling network of asynchronous platforms that allows you to focus on your information and organisations needs.

This vastly differs from other systems because it enables you to manage and reuse unique parts of information across peers without a loss of trust or control. Utilising G8CC asynchronous network makes data management vastly more practical, compliant and easier to use allowing you to complete common goals quickly and efficiently.

Increasing trust in information increases productivity and enables better decisions to be made faster. G8CC provides a way of delivering seamless processes that reduce costs and risks. It's simplicity allows you to focus on organisation needs, enabling you to deliver faster and higher returns-on-investment, within a low risk solution.

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