Supply Chain Competitive Advantage.

Silos in Supply Chain members blocks visibility. They add risk and wastage. This leads to Supply Chain members having to chase knowledge.

Visibility across your Supply Chain creates a Competitive Advantage. It enables you to reduce wastage, risk and cost. This empowers your Supply Chain to outperform others.

Database and business silos in Supply Chain members impede outcomes. They block your Supply Chains Competitive Advantage. These haven't harnessed the opportunity that digital provides.

Supply Chains silos have led to duplicated effort and chasing knowledge. That is because information gets shared in disjointed third party tools. That leads to pockets of data, adds risk and blocks information flow. This undermines Supply Chain Competitive Advantage.

Digital allows supply chains to secure and unlock data visibility. This enables them to avoid paying unnecessary overheads. That reduces wastage, increasing profit, creating a competitive advantage.


To unlock this competitive advantage Supply Chains must harness data. That enables them to secure and share information across their Supply Chain. This secures information flow and unlocks, governed Supply Chain visibility. That builds trust.

Digital provides a flexibility that hasn't been harnessed across the supply chain. This flexibility will secure and release your supply chains competitive advantage. That is because it creates agility and resilience.

Digital flexibility drives real-time information flow in supply chain. This information flow mirrors the flow of goods and supports financial transactions. This streamlines and secures your supply chains competitive advantage.

Secure information and unlock Supply Chain Competitive Advantage.

Digital allows Supply Chain members to govern and reuse data. That creates a secure, unique information. This information is shared across this supply chain. That allows it to get extended, joined-up and collaborated on across tasks.

To achieve this information flow mirrors goods. Tasks create unique, joined-up reused data. That enables automation, visibility and trust. This creates a supply chain competitive advantage.

A unified data access and sharing layer secure this across supply chain members. It allows them to build on existing database silos to unlock data value.

The data access and secure data sharing creates a unified information flow. That reduces risk and creates a supply chain competitive advantage.

Simple solution to harness data secure your Supply Chains Competitive Advantage.

G8CC provides a simple, powerful low risk solution.

G8CC provides a scalable, trusted data access and sharing layer. It enables your supply chain to build on existing investments. That reduces delivery cost, time to value and risk.

G8CC is unique in that it creates a secure, governed shareable object that mirrors the flow of goods. This object gets reused and extended across the supply chain. That unlocks trusted, secure visibility across supply chain members. This enables them to create a competitive advantage and outperform others.

G8CC provides a simple solution for:

GARNET8 Limited can support your ongoing digital journey. We developed G8CC from the ground up to create an innovative B2B solution that supports your ongoing Digital Transformation. Our experience allows us to:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

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