Benefit your business competitive advantage and bottom line.

Benefit from lower direct and indirect costs delivering better financial results for your business, allowing to focus on the aspects of your business that give you a competitive advantage.

Empowering you to focus on the aspects of your business that give you a competitive advantage.

Enabling you to deliver business objectives faster in a manner that is aligned to your strategy , all backed by better and faster business intelligence.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) enables you to deliver greater flexibility, faster decision making based on better business analysis, providing your business with a greater competitive advantage.

It enables you to reduce expenditure that would have previous been invested in upfront or direct costs, enabling you to deliver more for less. This provides your business with options to invest in using G8CCs built in facilities to deliver competitive advantage through greater business analysis or consolidation of other systems, reducing costs further.

Indirect costs are reduced when using G8CC, through better management of conflict, collaboration and data management via reduced wastage and increase productivity. G8CC provides the glue and reuse of things that would otherwise incur direct costs. This enables you to focus on your businesses needs. G8CC has a low adoption cost, it can be used 'out-of-the-box' or if needed it can be readily and inexpensively personalised into a bespoke solutions that delivers greater flexibility, faster time to productivity, earlier benefits which turn into a competitive advantage.

G8CC consolidates things that can cause spiralling IT costs such as business silos, additional layers of complexity, more or unused software licenses and infrastructure. Enabling you to benefit from a better understanding of costs and why they are incurred. Providing you with the means to make more informed future IT decisions.

'Extract, transfer and load' (ETL) procedures used to deliver off-line business analysis, are an expensive indirect cost that is caused by lack of flexibility. G8CC migrates these costs to deliver real-time analysis based on a complete data set, not just information at a specific point in time. The result of this is is clear to see: informed decisions that are made faster which provides your business with a competitive advantage and better outcomes. The side-effect from this is that it also enables you to reinforce policies and ensure compliance without overheads.

G8CC unifies your business understanding with its flexibility, integration and ability to deliver real-time and complete information sets to dashboards and business intelligence systems. Reducing direct costs with its consolidation and ability to deliver systems faster, reusing hardware and data.

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G8CC enables you to be more innovative, agile, cost effective and competitive.