Data driven or spluttering along.

If data is the new oil, your engine is currently extremely inefficient and costing you money.

Inefficiencies that are stalling your future.

Poor quality data in your business processes is stalling your organisation future. This poor quality data is increasing business risk and developing intolerable inefficiencies. These inefficiencies means you're wastefully spluttering through your organisations greatest assets.

You currently have two extremes of 'Data Management' powering your engine.

The first is just replicating or sharing data. This isn't delivering collaboration nor is it increasing productivity, its just flooding the engine before you get started.

The second is starving the engine; depriving departments or people you collaborate with of data. This is increases your organisation risk when making decisions. Managing data is this way has lead to people, departments or organisations having the same or slightly tweaked data; they're sharing the wrong oil!

Both lead to higher costs, poor decisions and increased risk and leaves you with a disjointed foundation. Clearly not the basis for delivering 'Data Management', 'Collaboration' and Engagement, or for making decisions and delivering business change.

Increasing productivity.

Sadly, data alone won't increase your organisations productivity. To increase productivity you must improve engagement throughout your organisation and 'lubricate' the wheels of your business.

Engagement will transform your organisation, enabling you to inject data that will help your organisation accelerate forward.

Currently you organisation moves in 'fits and starts'. It is reliant on extract, transfer and load procedures. By switching from this stop-start model to a push based model you can gain new traction needed to accelerate forward.

Switching to a push based model.

Within your organisation you already have the knowledge needed to make the change. Your organisation's departments and people you collaborate with understand their data needs. These data needs can be translated into a foundation that turns your organisation into a engine that runs smoothly which, in turn, accelerates your business.

To manage this you need to isolate data into unique governance structures. These structures can reinforce engagement and become the controls or engine block around the data 'lubricant' that accelerates your organisation.

Making the change to deliver business value.

By enabling the reuse of these structures and the data within them, you can create a agile engine that runs your organisation. The governance structures within this agile foundation can push engagement to reduce risks within business processes and enable real-time business decisions.

These structures can be teamed up with GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) to deliver control and fast return on investments. G8CC enables the governance, reuse of data and the foundation for a push based business model. By using G8CC you can focus on driving real-time business value from your data.

Building a future on G8CC's platform can accelerate your organisation. Doing this will make the smooth transition from a spluttering engine to a connected well oiled machine.