Your data silos impede your digital future.

Data silos leave you with two extremes. Firstly, you chase knowledge, increasing wastage. That blocks value stored within your data silos. The alternative is cost, that integrate and duplicate silos. This duplicated effort costing you time and money.

This is the third part of seven part series exploring value created by digital. The series outlines the problems your organisation may encounter during Transformation. This post looks at data silos. These impede your organisation and block opportunities.

Your data silos block agility. They impede your digital transformation and journey. This restricts the value of digital and new technologies. That increases wastage, costing you time and money.

Your organisation success depends on its ability to test and learn. You must build an agile foundation this supports process. This allows you to create and extend value, building trust.

Data silos hold your back.

The inflexible technologies within IT are complicated and costly. That leads to problems within your ongoing digital journey. This creates a recurring wheel of debt based on data silos.

Your data silos block agility. This leads to longer delivery and change management cycles. That increase costs and see your organisation getting left behind.

Your organisation is reliant on data to make decisions. But, your data silos create an inconsistent picture. This impedes decision-making and your ability to support processes.

Your ability to use data is a valuable commodity.

To harness data value you must be able to add to and extend it. This will allow you to support continuous integration. This is easily measured and delivers value for your organisation.

How your organisation can change.

Digital allows you to break down your data silos. The issue is you've replicated the static nature of paper. To overcome this you must be able to govern data. That allows you to reuse and extend its value.

An integrated data-driven technology stacks breaks down silos. This harnesses the flexibility digital provides. That moves you beyond the static replicative nature of data silos. This creates an integrated, trusted foundation. That reduces delivery cycles and ongoing costs.

Governance allows you to move from replicating data silos to reusing data. This improves data quality and outcomes. That leads to faster, better decisions.

The foundation of your digital transformation must be data. If your technology stack can't leverage and build on this, your impeded.

The ability to govern data across processes, reduces wastage. That supports your processes, allowing you to continuously build on value.

Your information stack needs to be agile, robust and simple. This allows you to focus your Organisations needs. That empowers you to derive value from your data.

To achieve this you need to govern unique data objects. This allows you to reuse and extend there value. That provides flexibility. This is because you can connect and embed data. Doing so allows you to apply triggers to data. That harnesses digital value.

The ability to add triggers and reuse data simplifies ongoing change management. That empowers agility, moving you beyond an inflexible technology stack.

Break down data silos with a flexible technology stack.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) harnesses digital value. It provides a simple, yet extremely powerful solution. G8CC creates a flexible, agile harness for structured data.

G8CC empowers you to break down data silos. That allows you to build trust and value.

It breaks the recurring wheel of IT debt.

G8CC allows you to govern, collaborate on and reuse concise data objects. This creates a reusable data-drive architecture. That provides your organisation with real-time, continuous data and tech integration.

Break down data silos faster with G8CC.

G8CC is accessible via a web browser. It supports mobile and desktop screens. It’s framework allows you to build and extend systems faster.

Its governance creates simple to extend and embed Apps. You can build Apps easily using G8CC App builder. Within the App builder you create structure. To do this use our simple form builder.

G8CC supports HTML5 and bespoke inputs. The bespoke input allow you to embed and reuse governed data across Apps. The framework manages data, governance and integration.

G8CC includes a collaboration layer. This layer allows you to collaborate and govern data. The layer breaks down data silos across traditional borders. That empowers you to reuse and build trust.

G8CC allows you to start small and easily scale systems.

Take the opportunity to harness digital and its value with G8CC. Contact us here to find out more. Create a simple, robust, agile data-driven future with G8CC and GARNET8 Limited.

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