Overcoming Digital Transformation Problems (Part 2).

Organisation push back will impede your digital transformation. Embracing employee needs, to deliver a smooth digital transformation. This supports an ongoing digital journey, building for the future.

This is the second part of a seven part series exploring value created by digital. The series outlines the problems your may encounter during a Digital Transformation. This part looks at employee inclusion. It outlines how to demonstrate value.

Kodak invented the digital camera in 1975, but berried it due to internal resistance.

Employee reluctance to change.

Digital Transformation can mean uncertainty for employees. It's seen as a challenge to their roles. This leads to possible loss of job and family security.

The upheaval and uncertainty can create pains within processes. This causes a reluctance to change for some employees. This reluctance can can derail your Digital Transformation. That wastes time and money.

Reluctance to change manifest its self in a number of ways. The reluctance doesn't always come from employees within front-line tasks. You may struggle to get funded, resourced or marketed, due to hesitation from decision makers.

Resistance to change isn't anything new. For example Kodak invented the digital camera in 1975. But, they berried it due to internal resistance to change. The digital camera threatened their legacy film business.

Doing nothing increases risk. That means you get left behind like Kodak. That's far riskier than taking a leap forward and embracing change.

Beyond reluctance with a vision of value.

A big picture visions demonstrates value throughout your organisation. This vision demonstrates how you encapsulate needs. That shows how the transformation helps people at all levels.

The vision must break down silos and complicated layers. This is a threat to the personal forts and their job security. But these personal forts increased cost, wastage and risk.

To stay competitive you must get the greatest value from data. The personal forts leave employees frustrated, chasing knowledge.

Transparency can elevate doubt and uncertainty with employees. Being consistent empowers employees to own the transformation. That allows them to contribute to the vision and work towards the future.

Demonstrating employee value.

Collaboration empowers you to demonstrate value. Capturing information shows how this improves outcomes. That adds value, empowering your digital transformation.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) harnesses this value. It provides a simple, yet powerful tool to harness data.

G8CC allows you to embrace change and agility. That demonstrates value and return on investments. This is because you can reuse and build on trusted data.

G8CC creates an accurate data foundation. This allows you to meet organisation and employee needs. This provides value to those who create and consume information. That reduces risk, providing faster outcomes.

G8CC provides a unique, flexible governance model. This empowers you to embrace data and digital. It ties information to employees, providing two benefits. The first allows employees to demonstrate their contribution. The second is those consuming information have a point of contact. This reduces risk and wastage, stopping people from chasing knowledge.

That embraces the needs within your digital transformation.

Harnessing the value of digital provides real-time opportunities. This empowers faster, better, data-driven decisions. That allows your organisation to benefit at all levels. Using G8CC empowers a big picture transformation. It harnesses data to drive agility and decisions.

You should contact us here, so your organisation can benefit. Don't get left behind, take simple steps to harness the true value of digital.

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