Duplication is costing 'time and money', increasing risk.

Duplication is costing organisations 'time and money', while restricting their abilities to deliver value.

Government departments and businesses of all sizes can benefit from streamlining and removing duplication. Efficient information management provides a simple to manage, extend and reuse system, creating an agile, low risk, low cost organisation.

How have organisations ended up with so much duplication?

The often found patchwork approach to digitalisation has contributed to duplication within organisations. This patchwork has left Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes with a high cost, duplicated and difficult to manage foundation.

Organisations with disjointed and inconsistent foundations create unknown and difficult to manage processes. These create inconsistent decisions, replicated data and IT systems across processes, resulting in duplicated effort and costs.

Organisations have implemented Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS) and look to distributed ledgers to 'make data available'. 'Making Data available' across silos increases the amount of storage, time and processing needed to manage information. This increases total cost of ownership, creates uncontrolled duplication and destroys the notion of 'a single truth'.

The replication of data has left organisations with more Security, more Overheads, more COSTS, more ISSUES and more DUPLICATION. None of which is ever desirable.

Benefiting from structured consistency.

Organisations can reduce overheads, make change management simple and improve decisions by creating a consistent structured foundation. This will empower organisations to reduce overheads, wastage and remove the multitude of licenses.

Supporting business change with the reuse of data, infrastructure, visualisation and learning tools, delivers a more efficient use of investments. The ability to add value to existing data through reuse or embedding stops duplicated effort and management while increasing agility.

Consolidating the patchwork of visualisation and costly 'Extract, Cleanse, Transfer and Load' procedures provides decision makers with higher quality and better information. The removal of duplicated effort also increase productivity, reducing ongoing costs.

A solution to deliver an efficient foundation.

Our simple, yet extremely powerful, tool-kit provides the foundation to simplify and drive out duplication.

Our solution empowers organisations to focus on process needs by supporting them with consistent and simple to extend structured information. Organisations benefit from agility and simple change management allowing them to easily build upon existing investments.

G8CC provides the foundation for organisations to start a digital journey that creates an agile, simple foundation without multitudes of layers, licenses or infrastructure.

G8CC provides a coherent foundation for organisations to create and secure information in one place, with simple governance and reuse structures. The simple to reuse components, information and infrastructure, removes duplicated effort and costs, removing sprawl, empowering organisations to build upon their investments.

G8CC empowers organisations to easily visualise and learn from coherent high quality information. It provides data-driven output channels that allow organisations to easily create a coherent and flexible visualisation, learning and decision making process.

It provides an efficient, simple, yet extremely powerful way for organisations to manage information, removing duplication to create a sustainable foundation. You can try G8CC here.

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