Empowering a continuously integrated digital journey.

From highly replicative, complicated and costly, to added value, building upon investments and supporting a evolving Digital Journey.

Duplicated effort blocks continuous data integration.

Your organisations embarked on digital. But, your transformation has created a static patchwork of silos and IT systems.

This patchwork has layers of complexity. That has lead to replication, additional costs and duplicated effort. The layers and duplicated effort are restricting agility. This blocks the ability to add value. That impedes your ability to reuse of data and infrastructure. This increases overheads and impacts data lock-in.

You have focused on technologies to deliver specific process transformation. This creates silos and borders around data. That impedes your ability to build on and reuse value. To make data available you've added layers of software.

You understand your organisations needs. But, you've replicated the paper processes to a digital formation. Its delivered a digital transformation but, it hasn't harnessing value. To do this you have a digital journey. A digital journey will empower you to build on existing investments. That adds value and reduces ongoing cost. This delivers higher returns on investments.

Break down silos, harness data to manage continuous integration.

Harnessing the value of data provides an opportunity. It empowers you to govern, reuse and build on value. That allows you to add value across line of business processes. This moves you beyond the layers of duplication and cost.

Using data to embed and reuse value supports continuous integration. That's because you build on trusted data and existing investments. This empowers faster time to value and lowers ongoing costs.

Harnessing data supports real-time intelligence. That is because streams integrate intelligence systems. It displays created and edited information in real-time. That reduces risk and improve line of business outcomes.

Sustainable data-driven continuous integration.

Delivering data-driven continuous integration improves outcomes.

You can start small and scale you build an agile foundation. That allows you to reuse, embed and extend data and API. This allows you to add value to investments. This harnesses the value of data, infrastructure and integrated tools.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a low risk harness. It's a simple, powerful tool-kit to deliver sustainable continuous integration. It empowers you to govern unique data objects. That allows you to create agile, simple to manage and low risk solutions.

This allows you to focus on process needs. This moves budgets from development, infrastructure and licensing. This allows you to focus on extracting the maximise value from data.

With G8CC you can build agile, simple to extend solution. These allow you to reuse and build on investment. That speeds up time to value, reducing ongoing costs.

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