Exploit structured data to unleash the value of IT.

Bring people and data together to exploit data value. Harness data so you can build trust across traditional borders.

This is the fourth of a seven part series. The series outlines the problems your organisation may encounter during its Digital Transformation. This post analyses the issue of incoherent data management. It explains how it cost you ‘time and money'.

Data is the new oil, it's a commodity that keeps giving. Its ineffective use means your organisation isn't firing on all cylinders.

Your myriad of storage impedes data use.

Your organisation is supported by complicated data management. This impedes your organisations ability to make decisions. That blocks agility, creating disjointed processes.

Your organisation has become overwhelmed with licenses and data. This provides an inflexible foundation. It costs your organisation 'time and money', increasing risk.

Your organisation has a mixture of the following.

Your data gets stored in a Myriad of personal and department silos. This breeds mistrust and ineffective use of data, blocking engagement. That leads to expensive integration and 'Extract, Transfer and Load' processes.


You have a large amount of data stored in a centralised data warehouse. This gets used for reporting. But it's so overwhelming it has become a IT debt with little use. That is because your organisation is unsure what to do with it.

You have a high cost, high risk, incoherent data foundation.

A successful digital journey builds on data. But, your current patchwork doesn't deliver. It’s based on complicated to manage infrastructure and integration. This increases duplication and costs. That blocks your ability to build on trust.

Data provides a huge opportunity.

To unlock this opportunity you must be able to exploit your data.

Unleash value by leveraging data across traditional borders. This allows you to mitigate risk and support business change.

Data supports your organisations processes. Its used within and across processes and tasks. Data provides a way to exploit engagement and collaboration. This improves outcomes and working practices, reducing risks. To benefit from this you must understand what your data does.

You can create an integrated, coherent and agile data driven foundation. But, to unleash this value you must be able to govern data.

Coherent governance allows you to move beyond the myriad of silos. This removes replication and improves data quality. That allows your organisation to innovate and change faster.

This creates a competitive advantage, reducing costs.

A transformation that supports your digital journey.

A simple, low risk solution that harnesses digital exploits data value. It will allow you to leverage data to support processes. That empowers you to add and extend the value of data across traditional borders.

You need to move beyond reactive to proactive data management. That allows you to leverage the use of new technologies. Solutions such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence depend on high quality data.

A simple, yet powerful framework allows you to exploit this opportunity. It will allow you to integrate and build on value faster. That creates an agile foundation that drives your organisation forward.

Leverage this opportunity with a simple solution.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) harness this. It's a simple, yet powerful framework to manage structured data. It empowers you to focus on leveraging data within and across processes. That creates a coherent foundation.

G8CC provides an efficient and effective way to leverage data. It supports your change management needs. That allows you to build on trust and investments. This supports agility, driving faster time to value.

Its governance allows you to securely manage information. That allows you to collaborate on data within and across traditional borders. This supports compliance and secures a single, trusted version of the truth.

G8CC supports your ongoing digital journey. It breaks the recurring wheel of IT debt. G8CC removes the need for layers of integration. That simplifies your IT infrastructure. This empowers better use of budgets.

G8CC allows you to create and extend value.

Contact us here, so your strategy can benefit from an innovative, data-driven and coherent design.

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