GCloud11 supplier unlocking governments potential.

GCloud11 supplier providing the foundation to unlock the potential of Governments data, providing citizens with seamless high quality services.

GCloud11 solution implementing Governments Digital Strategy, saving institution time and money enabling them to unlocking the potential of their data.

Governments Digital Strategies.

All Governments digital strategies always set out to unlock the potential of it's data, Government wants to achieve this to deliver seamless high quality services to its citizens.

The seamless reuse of information across Government institutions described within the strategy would provide faster higher quality services to citizens, while reducing governments time and costs.

Currently Governments 'Mass Replication' or 'Sync' based approach is creating more layers, more costs and more complications. This approach is based on 'Legacy Thinking' that is becoming more difficult and costly to deliver.

Current solution aren't unlocking the potential of governments data, just adding complications to processes.

Currently Government Institutions struggle to unlock opportunities because of the high costs to deliver benefits.

The impact of current systems doesn't just create spiralling IT costs, it also increases the cost and amount of security needed, it increases the cost of administration and delivers a governance disconnection.

Making IT work for Government.

If Governments are serious about implementing seamless high quality services for citizen, saving time and money and unlocking the potential of their data they need to simplify everything.

Making IT 'simple by design' will allow Government institution to create a agile, collaborative and seamless real-time foundation. This foundation reduces costs and unlocks the potential of their data to deliver seamless services, allowing them to make better decisions.

Chris Cook's introduction to GARNET8 Limited and the outcomes GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) our Software Framework can deliver.

How GCloud11 can help.

GCloud11 provides a catalogue of Government accredited suppliers and solutions that provides Government institution the advantages to:

  • Benefit from faster and transparent transactions.
  • Reduce costs and time within a OJEC compliant framework.
  • Deploy solutions faster.
  • Access innovative commodities solutions.

GARNET8 Limited has been a Government accredited supplier since the GCloud9 framework. Via the framework Government Institutions can purchase GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) the solution that provides a foundation to unlock the potential of Governments data, delivering their Digital Strategy.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) the foundation to Governments Digital Strategy.

G8CC is a simple, low risk, low cost solution that allows Government Institutions to focus on delivering value from the seamless reuse of information. It provides a simple intuitive software framework that allows Government Institutions to create collaborative engaging systems.

These seamless systems provide hooks that create opportunities for Governments to benefit from current and future developments within Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics and Automation.

G8CC provides a simple solution to build a connected, agile, governed Government foundation that benefit government processes and citizens.

You can find information within GCloud11 here or contact us to seem how you can quickly benefit from more opportunities by simplifying your data foundation.