Data Governance underpins Digital Transformation.

Data Governance empowers you to unleash value. It allows you to build on and extend value across traditional borders.

This is the first part of a seven part series exploring value created by digital. The series outlines the problems your organisation may encounter during its Digital Transformation. This part looks at how data governance can unleash technologies value.

Data governance creates value.

But, your silos and pockets of spreadsheets block this.

Your data feeds Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation. If these solutions live on outdated, poor information you have poor outcomes. This blocks there value, increasing wastage and costs.

Your line of business and personal silos feed these solutions. These create disjointed data life-cycles and replication. That leaves you chasing knowledge with multiple versions of the truth. That blocks the quality and availability of your data.

Your disjointed data deliver misleading insight. This leads to poor decisions, increasing risks and costs.

Your data governance models surrounding and replicating data isn't working.

Using governance to unleash the value of data.

Governance must underpin your digital transformation. It allows you to harness data quality and availability. That empowers you to create business value.

The ability to build on and reuse data increases agility. That allows you to add value to information. This can be within or across traditional borders. That empowers you to build on and reuse trust. This feeds solutions that depend on the quality of data.

Digital provides the flexibility to harness a single data object. This supports the ability to reuse and extend data across systems. This differs from the replicative layers and master data systems. These create layers of cost and wastage.

Harnessing data governance to create value.

You must understand your data and its usage. The usage spans line of business and business intelligence. This allows you to create value across processes and tasks.

Harnessing reference data allows you to extend its value. Reference data is information that gets reused across processes. For example this could be a person, business, address etc.

Applying trusted governance to reference data supports agility. It allows you to build on trust and investments. That reduces ongoing costs, saving you time and money.

Building on and extend governed reference data allows you to personal line of business systems. It connects data across traditional borders. That empowers you to build trust and collaborate. These reduces risk and breaks down silos and pockets of spreadsheets.

This architecture supports your digital journey. It provides the foundation to output trusted value. That supports real-time business intelligence.

A simple solution to harness data governance.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a low risk harness. It's a simple solution that provides faster time to value. That allows you to focus on data needs with processes and tasks.

G8CC empowers you to collaborate on trusted data. It moves you beyond the replication that costs you time and money.

It harnesses data governance, allowing you to extend data value. That empowers agility, allowing you to build on value. This allows you to start small and easily scale IT systems across traditional borders.

You can contact us here if you'd like to start an ongoing low risk transformation. You can take a tour G8CC here. It demonstrates a low risk way for you can manage and govern data.

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