Inefficient, insecure, costly, replicative data management impedes organisations.

The disjointed, disruptive, duplicated and untrusted distribution of 'Business Processes' are increasing risk, cost and leaking knowledge.

The wasteful, disruptive, replicative distribution of information in processes.

Information in Government Institutions and Businesses of all sizes is becoming ever more distributed. Whether a group of businesses collaborating to complete a common task; a supply chain or a Government controlled institution such as Healthcare or Policing; information and tasks are distributed across organisation boundaries.

At present Government Institutions and Businesses of all sizes rely on inefficient, insecure, costly and replicative ways of duplicating information between distributed processes to complete tasks. The IT sprawl is costing 'time and money', creating inefficient, replicative and disjointed processes, that are disruptive, insecure and duplicated.

Email is the de-facto tool for communication across processes, whether automated or people generated. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or Integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS) are also used to replicate static data between silos, just in case it's needed.

The problem with email is the loss of control, the mass replication, the unstructured format, the duplicated effort and the loss of or increased cost to deliver intelligence and knowledge. ESB and iPaaS continue to tie organisations to disjointed, incoherent and costly processes, by creating additional layers. These layer don't engage, enable collaboration or build trust. The ability for organisations to restrict access to or even remove access from information becomes ever more challenging.

Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes to reuse, collaborate on, connect and engage using trusted information across processes and organisation boundaries.

Enabling reuse, not replication to create untold benefits.

Being able to connect and reuse information will increase productivity, trust and improve outcomes within distributed processes.

The ability to aggregate connected information into a single view, empowers organisations to make better and faster decisions at a lower cost. This removes the wastage and misunderstanding created by unstructured emails or disturbance and impracticality of phone calls within organisations.

Providing the ability for organisations to add value to information by simply reusing it from a single place, lowers the cost to delivery, improves security and governance. This empowers a proactive, engaged ecosystem.

Using data to engage people and things on a 'need-to-know' basis, reduces risk and wastage, whilst improving engagement within distributed processes.

A solution that grow from the needs within a distributed business ecosystem.

Our solution grew from the needs within a small business ecosystem, where distributed businesses collaborated on data to complete tasks. Prior to our solution decisions were made on gut feelings or using data that was untrusted, duplicated and/or insecure. Within the ecosystem they were duplicating effort and costs to support the replicative processes to manage and engage information.

Our solution provided a way for each organisation to manage their own data, without replicating information across systems. This enabled the organisations greater flexibility and governance, reducing their costs as they weren't managing or storing unneeded information.

The solution we provide empowers organisation to create a distributed, trusted, collaborative, engaging and reuse-able ecosystem of information. This allows them to become proactive to change and mitigate risk. With our solution organisations have a lower total cost of ownership across the ecosystem, creating value faster and removing duplicated effort.

Our solution enables organisations to connect information across distributed systems, allowing them to aggregate information into a single view. This remove wastage, disturbance and loss of trust.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) allows organisation to restrict and remove access to information at any point. This is because organisations don't lose control of their information, this provides greater governance and security.

G8CC provides the ability to create automated work-flows around unique information. As organisations don't lose control or replicate information, they can make better decision on more and higher quality information. This process makes it simple for organisations to visualise and learn from information.

G8CC creates an audit-able trial of information around unique inputs. This allows employee's and things to make more informed decisions. This solution also provides a point of contact for previous value, removing risk and loss of knowledge.

It provides a simple, yet extremely powerful tool-kit to support the distribution of information within current and future processes. It's simple, low risk and low cost delivery, empowers organisation to focus on current and future needs.

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