By embracing your silos you can integrate distributed business processes.

Data and digital can provide a 360 degree view of processes. But, your database silos block the value. G8CC provides a low risk application to unlock this value.

Distributed processes are reliant on replicating data. This creates multiple versions of the truth. That doesn't integrate processes.

The use of email, data hubs and warehouse block business agility. These "solutions" rely on copying data from one place to another. This doesn't integrate business processes. Email creates insecure costly replicative data management. Your "solutions" that centralise data rely on an "extract" processes. This increases overheads and blocks business agility.

A secure data sharing layer embraces your database silos. This allows you to integrate, join-up and extend data across your distributed business processes.

A proven distributed application to integrate processes.

Our solution grew from the needs within a small business ecosystem. Their distributed businesses collaborated on data to complete tasks. Prior to our solution decisions were made on gut feelings or using data that was untrusted, duplicated and/or insecure. Within the ecosystem they were duplicating effort and costs to support. This is because they had replicative processes to manage and engage information.

Our solution provided a way for each organisation to manage their own data. It removes the replication of information across systems. This enabled the organisations greater agility and governance. This reduced their costs as they weren't managing or storing unneeded information.

This allowed the business ecosystem to build trust. That is because they shared a trusted layer of data. This allows them to create a foundation. That foundation integrated distributed business processes.

The solution we provide empowers organisation to create a distributed, trusted, collaborative, engaging and reuse-able ecosystem of information. This allows them to become proactive to change and mitigate risk. With our solution organisations have a lower total cost of ownership across the ecosystem. It creates value faster and removes duplicated effort.

Our solution enables organisations to connect information across distributed systems, allowing them to aggregate information into a single view. This remove wastage, disturbance and loss of trust.

G8CC an application to integrate distributed business processes.

With G8CC deliver you have a simple secure data sharing and access layer.

G8CC provides a simple, low risk solution for:

G8CC allows organisation to restrict and remove access to information at any point. This is because organisations don't lose control of their information, this provides greater governance and security.

G8CC provides the ability to create automated work-flows around unique information. As organisations don't lose control or replicate information, they can make better decision on more and higher quality information. This process makes it simple for organisations to visualise and learn from information.

G8CC creates an audit-able trial of information around unique inputs. This allows employee's and things to make more informed decisions. This solution also provides a point of contact for previous value, removing risk and loss of knowledge.

It provides a simple, yet extremely powerful tool-kit to support the distribution of information within current and future processes. It's simple, low risk and low cost delivery, empowers organisation to focus on current and future needs.

G8CC's simple tool-kit provides a:

  • Middleware platform that embraces database silos. It provides a low-code interface that supports continuous database integration. This lowers delivery and ongoing costs.
  • Distributed data sharing layer. This manages views, access to data and relationships between information. This allows you to easily extend and build on existing investments. That unlocks business agility, creating resilience.

G8CC provides a simple application to integrate distributed business processes.

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