Unleash business agility by modernising legacy software.

Unleash data value. Modernise, connect, extend and build on legacy data. Support business agility, building on trust and value.

Modernising legacy systems unleashes trust and value. You can increase productivity, delivering faster business change.

Your legacy software blocks business agility.

Your digitalisation has created legacy silos. Its reinforced your walls around departments.

Your legacy systems are hard to extend and block business agility. That increases wastage and costs you time and money.

Data underpins processes and tasks. To modernise Public Sector Departments and Businesses have embraced APIs.

APIs allow you to access data. They enable you to securely unlock the silos. But, to embrace digital value you must govern data.

Data governance sits between data and digital value.

Governance unlocks the ability to collaborate. This allows you to build trust and extend data value. Harnessing governance allows data to securely flow. That empowers you to share data within and across traditional borders.

Modernising legacy system to embrace business agility.

Modernising legacy systems empowers agility, increasing agility. A framework is a low risk solution to achieve this.

A framework provides a unified way to govern and collaborate. That allows you to reuse and build on trusted data. This makes greater use of investments. That allows you to modernise IT faster, increasing productivity.

Harness business agility with a simple framework.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) delivers a faster payback. It builds on APIs, connecting and re-purposing data. That supports faster time to value, accelerates change management, lowering ongoing costs.

G8CC provides a loosely coupled data platform. It harnesses governance within a borderless enterprise.

It empower you to modernise and consolidate IT and data points. This builds on trust and investments.

G8CC allows you to share and re-purpose unique data. That empowers you to reuse and extend trusted data. This harnesses the distributed use of data, supporting continuous dynamic integration.

It has a low learning curve. This reduces risk and speeds up time to value. That delivers a faster payback and higher returns. This supports an agile digital transformation.

G8CC empowers line of business and IT to collaborate. That's because IT can harness data sources and APIs. These are then built on and reused across line of business processes. This reduces IT backlogs.

G8CC's a low risk ways to unleash value. It empowers you to govern and collaborate on data. It supports seamless change management and collaboration. These reduces risk and increase productivity.

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