Modernising IT for a digital era, allows you to unleash value.

To unleash digital value you must govern data. That empowers you to create and extend data across traditional borders. It builds trust, releasing value.

This is the fifth of a six part series exploring value created by digital. The series outlines the problems your organisation may encounter during its Digital Transformation. This post demonstrates how governance releases data value.

"88% of the fortune 500 companies in 1955 are now gone"

Modernising IT beyond silos and APIs.

Your silos and pockets of spreadsheets block IT modernisation. They impede agility, increasing costs. This doesn't harness value within the digital era.

To unleash value you must be able to govern data. This allows you to exploit its value.

Your governance gets tied to IT systems or open to all. It creates two extremes of governance. First extreme is silos of governance that block collaboration. The second is a lack of governance that exposes data to a raft of requests. These don't allow you to build a big picture view.

Governance should be front and center in the digital era.

To achieve this you must move beyond legacy thinking. That's because legacy thinking creates short term patches. For example layers of integration and replication create cumbersome IT systems. This leads to high costs and blocks agility.

The value governance unleashes empowers you to break down silos. That builds trust and supports you to modernise your IT for the digital era.

Don't be in the 12%, move beyond your legacy ideas. Support your processes with agile, ongoing value.

Govern data to modernise IT for a digital era.

Digital provides an opportunity unseen by paper systems. But, current IT systems replicate paper processes in a digital era. This doesn't harness digital or data value.

The digital era allows you to reuse and extend. Governance empowers this.

Governance allows you to share services and collaborate. This reduces costs and allows you to build on trust. That enables agility, reducing ongoing risk.

Governing data allows you to break down silos. Digital builds trust providing a flexibility to do this within and across traditional borders (Borderless enterprise). That allows you to modernise IT delivering ongoing value.

Digital agility allows you to build on trusted data, reusing investment. Harnessing governance supports you to reuse and build on investments. This empowers faster time to value, reducing ongoing costs.

Harnessing digital to modernise IT.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) supports you to modernise IT. G8CC provides a low risk solution that quickly delivers value.

G8CC harnesses governance empowering agility. It provides a unified governance interface. This supports a flexible governance model.

It's a simple, low risk solution to modernise your IT. This empowers you to increase productivity. That delivers ongoing value.

It allows you to exploit structured data. You can integrate Databases and APIs. This empowers you to reuse and build on investments. That enables you to release the value of data.

You can get started quickly and easy. Contact us to get the greatest value from data in the digital era.

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