Access, join-up, collaborate on and automate trusted data in a simple, secure Public Sector Data Platform.

Secure data residency and enable trusted data sharing in a simple to scale Public Sector Data Platform.

With our Public Sector Data Platform you can:

Ensures secure data residency, enabling multi-agency collaboration.

Enable access to linked-up, collaborative real-time data.

Harness and build on Legacy IT, creating agility.

Detect changes and respond faster across multiple agencies.

Enable actionable feedback about data access and revoke access at any point.

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G8CC, a next-generation Public Sector Data Platform.

With G8CC the Public Sector secures a single version of data. It creates a simple to extend governed view of data across Public Sector agencies, in an accredited Public Sector Data Platform. This secures the use of data across interconnected Public Sector Services, enabling effective collaboration. That builds trust around shared data, improving outcomes and creating value.

This matches the needs found in the United Kingdom. The UKCloud "The State of Digital and Data Report - 2021" survey of 300 Public Sector found:


Of respondents agree that being able to use data to its full value when collaborating internally and externally is essential.


Of organisations say they're not confident that they can safely and easily share data to effectively collaborate with partners and other agencies.


Are evaluating the use of new technologies.


Acknowledge that an organisation's cyber risk is increased due to the use of unauthorised IT tools.

G8CC provides a simple solution to unlock the next-generation Public Sector Data Sharing platform. It supports you to access, govern, link-up, combine, collaborate on and automate data. The UKCloud survey states the advantage of enhanced data sharing are:


"With many of the services delivered by the public sector interconnected in some way, their effectiveness could be enhanced through the sharing of more data both internally and externally."


"The benefits of "joined up" policing across a nationwide data layer for example, would improve overall oversight and help solve significantly more cases."


"Greater collaboration between different regional forces and with Home Office databases would significantly increase efficiencies and improve criminal profiling."


"Healthcare services could benefit too, if they had better access to education or social services data, not to mention patient records held by service providers in other Trusts."

G8CC provides simple, low risk Public Sector Data Platform to unlock this value across Policing, Central Government, Healthcare, Local Government and other Government Agencies.

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G8CC, a Public Sector Data Platform that secures a governed, linked-up Data Architecture.

Legacy IT systems and operational silos have added complexity to Public Sector Data Management. This has led to poor quality data, more silos and disjointed, high risk, high cost collaboration and data sharing.

G8CC secures, governed, linked-up data sharing. It unlocks fine grained access management at a value level. This unlocks flexible, governed data sharing in a simple, scalable Public Sector Data Platform.

G8CC ensures secure data collaboration and sharing. It creates a unified view of hierarchical data. This empowers the Public Sector to secure a time live of events that mirrors the citizen interactions with Public Sector Departments.

You can learn more about a hierarchical Public Sector Data Strategy here.

With our Public Sector Data Platform you secure access to an agile, simple to extend data structure. This enables front-line staff to access trusted information when and where they need it. That reduces errors, risk, wastage and costs, improving outcomes for all.

G8CC ensures secure data sharing. It allows a time-line of events to be extended with new information in a data-driven format. This enables real-time engagement.

This secure public sector data.

G8CC provides a Public Sector Data Platform that empowers departments to detect changes and respond faster, mitigating risk.

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Save time and money with a Public Sector Data Platform built on G8CC. G8CC:

Has a low learning curve, enabling the Public Sector to do more for less. Enabling the Public Sector to create value faster.

Includes connectors for many popular databases used in the Public Sector. Unlocking secure data faster.

Is simple to extend. Allowing your Public Sector Department to start small and easily scale, lowering risk and cost.

With G8CC you can:

Deploy anywhere.

Deploy our Application Platform on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes, private cloud.

Access Management.

G8CC's flexibility allows you to manage your data building trust. That empowers you to add value to your data across traditional borders.

Save Money.

Remove duplicated effort and wastage. Harness and build on the value of digital and data, reducing delivery and ongoing costs.