End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration empowers you to act faster, create resilience and unlock agility.

Your End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration secure near real-time status tracking. This ensures you detect changes and respond faster, mitigating risk.

Securing End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration allows your supply chain to create a competitive advantage. It improves data quality and outcomes for supply chain partners and customers.

End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration ensures your supply chain to secures and shares trusted information. This allows your supply chain to detect changes and respond faster, mitigating risk.

The ability to detect changes to data enables your supply chain to unlock the value of automation. This drives down errors and allows your supply chain to trigger near real-time automated processes. That reduces wastage and drives down costs within your business and across supply chain partners.


Your End-to-end supply chain collaboration gets limited by a patchwork of silos. These silos drive disjointed collaboration, processes, adding errors, wastage, risk and cost.

Lines of business, database and partner silos block real-time supply chain data visibility. They drive collaboration into disjointed solution. These solutions create new silos that impede supply chain visibility. This all leads to more errors, more wastage, more risk and more cost.

Silos across supply chain processes and tasks create an inconsistent view of information. They impedes your End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration, blocking automation. This holds back information flow in your supply chain. That blocks the value of digital and automation.

Digital provides an opportunity to secure end-to-end Supply information to flow across your supply chain. That's because data gets securely shared across Supply Chain members. Supply Chain members attach collaborative information to shared data. This empowers secure data collaboration across your supply chain. That enables end-to-end Supply Chain Collaboration to create a unified, governed view of information, unlocking near real-time engagement.

By attaching collaborative information supply chains improve data quality. This removes the need to trawl through third party services. That vastly reduces risk, improves decisions and data visibility. That allows supply chains to optimise faster, lowering costs. This allows them to outperform their competition, creating a competitive advantage.

How to improve End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration.

To improve End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration you must harness the flow of data. Data underpins Supply Chains, it enables you to secure, share, collaborate on and automate trusted information. This secure and unlocks End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration.

A data sharing layer creates a secure harness around supply chain data. It empowers supply chains to securely harness and build on existing silos. These reduces risk, time to value and lower ongoing costs. That creates a competitive advantage, securing your End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration.

Your data sharing layer creates a single source of the truth. This truth get extend with collaborative information, unlocking near real-time engagement. This improves data visibility and collaboration. That reduces risk allowing supply chain members to outperform competitors.

G8CC, A secure End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration solution.

G8CC harnesses End to End Supply Chain Collaboration. It empowers supply chains to securely share and collaborate on data. This secures supply chain visibility, real-time engagement, collaboration and automation across supply chain partners.

G8CC encapsulates a:

This built in functionality reduces risk and time to value for Supply Chain members. It allows them to start small and easily scale. That empowers supply chain to support and deliver change faster. This allows them to outperform competitors.

G8CC creates a secure End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration layer. That supports an efficient Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain. It creates agility, resilience and a competitive advantage.

G8CC secures a faster time to value for supply chain members. It integrates across existing database silos. It includes database connectors to many popular databases used in supply chains. This unlocks continuous database integration. That reduces deliver risk and ongoing costs. G8CC includes databases connectors for:

At GARNET8 Limited we can support your transformation to an Integrated, Collaborative Supply Chain. We help you to overcome rigid integration and disjointed, costly collaboration. Our experience allows us to:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

Contact GARNET8 today and start your journey to an end-to-end supply chain collaboration solution. A solution that empowers you to outperform competitors at a lower risk.