End-to-end digital solution to increase productivity (Part 2).

G8CC provides an end-to-end digital solution that supports your ongoing journey. It enables you to increase productivity within line of business processes. It creates agile simple to extend IT systems.

In part one we outlined challenges delivering end-to-end digital transformations. In this part we define a solution to deliver integrated end-to-end services.

With GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) you can harness digital and data. That empowers you to deliver end-to-end solutions faster.

G8CC, a simple solution to empower you digital journey.

G8CC allows you to extend governed data across line of business processes and systems. That reduces ongoing costs. This is because you can build on data and investments. With G8CC you move beyond technical debt, to harnessing value within processes.

G8CC provides a simple framework that empowers faster, trusted end-to-end digital transformations. It empowers you to focus on data needs within processes and tasks.

Managing the flow of data within you end-to-end digital transformation.

To maximise your 'return-on-investment' you need to understand the flow of information. Your information will flow within and across 'Business Processes'.

G8CC's framework provides a simple tool-set that allows you to support the governed flow of data. It provides a harness to manage trusted, auditable, governed and compliant information.

Transforming your processes into coherent end-to-end services.

To get started we recommend that you use a flow chart to describe 'Business Processes'. Within this you define information needed at each point with the expected data structure. Once this is complete you can isolate replicated information. Removing replicated information allows you to connect and build trust across processes.

The replicated information gets managed in 'Global' Apps. This information is also known as reference data. Reference data gets used across line of business applications. In G8CC you maximise reference data value with the 'digital paper-clip' functionality. This functionality makes it simple to connect and extend the value of data. That enables people to find, filter and pre-populate forms faster. This increases productivity and trust, removing waste.

Once you've defined your 'Business Processes' you can describe their governance. This allows you to control access to data across processes. That will enable line of business applications to add value to data. In G8CC you define data governance within groups or personal tags. This provides a flexible way to manage data access. It allows you to add and remove access to data at any point in time. This empowers you to overcome challenges when people change or leave roles.

You have your line of business processes mapped and governance outlined. Next you can define visualisation needs. G8CC provides hooks to output data to APIs. This allows you to integrate dashboards, machine learning, etc.

G8CC provides a real-time data management platform. This means you make decisions based on a complete data-set. That differs from 'Extract, Transfer, Load' processes. This is because those processes only visualise information at a specific point in time.

When the above step are complete building systems within G8CC is simple. Within the tool-kit you use the drag n' drop App builder. G8CC's loosely coupled design allows you to deliver personalised solution faster. It allows you to build on Apps and APIs to save time and money. This enables you to support your ongoing end-to-end digital journey at a lower cost and risk.

Within our interactive guided tour here we build a web service. It demonstrates how you can abstract out and reuse data. That allows you to extend its value and connect information across web services.