Stop spending money 2,3,4,5 or even more times.

Incoherent Design, Planning and Data Management is forcing Government Institutions and Businesses of all sizes to spend money multiple time, restricting innovation and inhibiting decisions.

Multiple layer, multiple spending restricting innovation.

Industries are being disrupted by new incumbents who are agile. They are using data to drive better decisions faster. This delivers better services and leaving industry players behind.

The shackles of legacy thinking, legacy design and legacy technologies are holding the Public Sector and Businesses of all sizes back. Value is driven by data. If data is isolated in a personal or department silos, connecting it has a high cost. The integration restricts agility and absorbs budgets.

You have looked to Data Warehouses and Data Hubs. But, these have created a new silo. This silo has copied data from existing databases into a new format.

Your integration has created a complex data architecture. This has high management, licensing and support costs. The legacy infrastructure and systems are impeding innovation and restricting the Public Sector and Businesses of all sizes. These restrictions are inhibiting their ability to compete. This blocks their ability to offer the services that are expected.

The legacy thinking and incoherent design, means the Public Sector and Businesses of all sizes are wasting money. They are wasting effort and money on design, development, licensing, storage, infrastructure, reporting and connecting systems. They are duplicating this 2, 3, 4, 5 or more times.

The decision to "connect" and duplicate data is a short term fix. The legacy issue impedes the Public Sector and Businesses of all sizes issues. The legacy problem is far more problematic than connecting information. The connecting of data demonstrates a lack of big picture vision. This reverts to technology marketing instead of transformation to survive.

Legacy shackles are holding the Public Sector and Businesses of all size down.

The shackles have tightened due to the disjointed, incoherent and somewhat rapid growth of Digital. The need to keep up has driven the Public Sector and Businesses to dupicate data into new shiny silos. This has tightened the shackles to deliver the "next" technology.

These incoherent and disjointed steps have been local, technology lead and had little thought for big picture. This has left the Public Sector and Business with silos.

This has created a lack of design based thinking that supports processes. This has allowed incumbents to out design and out think service providers. They have simple agile foundations that drive decisions using data.

The incoherent steps have shackled the Public Sector and Businesses to high ongoing costs. That restrict innovation and agility due to lack of budget and ability to innovate.

The "Cloud" is disrupting how the Public Sector and Businesses back office. New solutions are outpacing the outdated legacy designs within the Cloud.

The complicated nature of "connecting" information is creating data sprawl. This doesn't harness the value of digital. It is creating a vicious circle of ongoing costs with little innovation.

The Public Sector and Business need to break this vicious circle of legacy. The thinking, design, duplication and technology isn't harnessing digital value.

Empowering the Public Sector and Businesses to break the shackles.

At GARNET8 Limited we aren't weighed down with legacy technologies or services to up-sell. We can break the shackles and innovate. Our integrated data platform empowers the Public Sector and Business to move beyond the vicious technology cycle.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) was designed from the ground up to break the legacy shackles. It empowers the Public Sector and Business to integrate and build on database silos. This empowers you to continuously integrate and extend databases value. That dramatically reduces time to value, lowering ongoing costs.

G8CC provide a simple, secure yet extremely powerful data sharing layer. This allows the Public Sector and Business to focus on the design. That allows them to support processes, not deliver a short term patch. This provides an affordable foundation to manage and build on.

G8CC provides a simple tool-kit. That empowers the Public Sector and Business to efficiently break the shackles of legacy design, thinking and systems. It provide the means to create data-driven processes. The comprehensive framework and platform supports integration, automation, data streaming and access management. That enables the Public Sector and Business to focus on value and decision needs.

If you work in the Public Sector or Business want to break away from the high cost, incoherent and legacy ways, you should contact us here. We can help you create new opportunities with our simple, effective and extremely powerful solution.