Create opportunities and modernise your supply chain.

Move beyond high risk, high cost Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Build on and connect real-time data points across supply chain 4.0.

From purchase to delivery data connects supply chains. It mirrors tasks and supports the flow of goods. Your can unleash value by connecting and harnessing this.


The disconnects in supply chains block opportunities.

Digital and data silos impede your ability to plan and integrate.

Your digitalisation has reinforced walls around department silos. Its created high cost, high risk IT systems that block agility.

Your ERP's, spreadsheets and data warehouses block agility. These silos impede opportunities, increasing wastage. They create bottlenecks and impede visualisation. That increases risk and leaves you chasing knowledge.

These impede planning models. That increases time, risk and wastage.

Your silos and systems don't represent a 360 degree view of the supply chain. They block agility and decisions across supply chain members. This increases cost and compliance risk, blocking trust and digital value.

Your supply chain is borderless. You must govern this to increase productivity.

This hampers your ability to communicate and automate. That doesn't harness the value of digital or data.

Your supply chain management blocks your ability to modernise.

Unleash value with a modern, connected supply.

To modernise your supply chain you must harness data governance. It allows you to re-purpose and integrate real-time data points. This unlocks the opportunity to re-purpose data to support tasks. That allows you to use triggers to automate change in the supply chain.

Governance harnesses digital and data value.

It empowers you to automate and visualised trusted data. These reduces risk and costs. This moves you from spluttering along to being data-driven.

To achieve this you must be able to reuse and build on existing investments. Many members in supply chains have embraced APIs. APIs allow you to access data, but you must govern it to unleash value.

A governance and collaboration framework unleash value. It allows you to integrate and connect information in a loosely connected data layer. This empowers usage across traditional borders. That releases digital and data value.

This provides a unified integrated view of data across your supply chains. That allows you to collaborate across traditional borders.

GARNET8 provides a simple, low risk solution. It empowers you to modernise you supply chain. It connects, governs and automates triggers. Contact us here to start a journey to harness supply chain 4.0.