Create and reuse value, building on Governments Cloud First/Cloud Native policies.

Simple, efficient, agile and powerful solution to support Governments Cloud First/Cloud Native policy.

Providing a simple, yet extremely powerful solution. This enables Governments to deliver a Cloud First or Native Policy.

The problem Government currently have with IT and Cloud.

Currently Government Institution suffer from high cost IT systems and isolated personal, departmental and institutional silos. These provide little engagement and create compliance and security risks.

Data within Government Institution is stored and replicated across a myriad of data management, replication and spreadsheet systems. This creates multiple versions of the truth, little visibility between employees, departments and institutions. That delivers complicated to manage and disjointed collaboration.

This is neither seamless or providing value. What it does is increase compliance risk, security risk and risk to citizens. These systems undermine trust and agility.

Governments Cloud First/Cloud Native Policy provides an opportunity. It can enable them to move beyond the high cost, high budget, highly replicative, disjointed and complex systems. This will allow them to build an agile foundation that benefits employees and citizens alike.

What a Cloud First/Cloud Native solution need to entail.

Governments need to use innovation to build trust with citizens. To do this they must harness the power of digital and data. It can provide a seamless, collaborative and engaging foundation. That will empower them to deliver value faster at a lower cost.

Governments need a solution that is simple and flexible. That will enable them to migrate existing systems to cloud infrastructure. It must fit into and support existing Cloud strategies.

Governments need a solution that has a simple learning curve and low delivery cost. That allows them to focus on process, employees and citizen needs. It needs to be able to deliver a seamless, structured, collaborative data management foundation. That enables collaboration across traditional borders. This will enable Governments to build trust and support faster outcomes.

They need to be able to own and manage data. This includes encryption and access. That will allow them to apply security and governance. Their cloud infrastructure needs will vary between Governments and Institutions. A solution must be flexible enough to manage this and provide value. That will enable them to build trust around cloud infrastructure.

This means Government Institutions can not just move existing systems to cloud infrastructure or add layer of complex software that increase costs. Enterprise Service Bus didn't work within current infrastructure. It increased costs, IT debt and its taken money and support away from front line services. This is heightening wastage and impeded employees ability to support citizen needs.

Supporting Governments Cloud First/Cloud Native policy.

Our solution allows Governments to securely reuse information and components. That supports faster returns on investment with lower cost of delivery.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a simple, yet extremely powerful tool-kit. It enables them to build seamless solutions to deliver Governments Cloud First/Cloud Native Policy.

It allows Government Institutions to control information within infrastructure they trust. G8CC provides governance and collaboration across traditional borders. This creates value for citizens and employee's alike.

G8CC allows them to create a seamless data-driven foundation within the Cloud. This provides efficient seamless digital services, which are agile and have a lower total cost of ownership.

It equips Government with a simple, flexible framework and platform. That allows them to focus on delivering process needs and engaging data management within the Cloud. Its simplicity allows Government to easily migrate existing structured information to the cloud. That allows Governments to reduce costs and improves information and service quality.

With G8CC Governments can support current and future needs. It supports Governments Cloud First/Cloud Native Policy. That provides Governments with the tool-set they need to create value. This allows employee's to work in new more flexible ways to support citizens.

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