The problem GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) solves.

Disjointed, disruptive, duplicated and untrusted 'Business Processes' limiting productivity and increasing risk.

Where G8CC began.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) grew from within a group of small businesses that collaborated to complete tasks. Within this business ecosystem decisions were made on gut feelings or using data that was untrusted, duplicated and/or insecure.

At varying scales, this small business ecosystem is duplicated within Government departments and Business of all sizes.

Untrusted, duplication.

This business ecosystem used highly replicative and disjointed business processes to complete tasks. This lead to high risk, high costs and huge disruption and tension between employees.

The disjointed nature of 'Business Processes' was mainly due to unsuitable software that was isolated and difficult to use.

Problems disjointed business processes caused.

Disruption came from the inability to access information across small businesses and their departments, leading to use of third party tools and notes to collaborate. This created distraction, loss of knowledge and a large amount of time wasted by multiple people.

Duplicated effort reared its ugly head by causing employees to replicate information after they'd received it. This created issues such as multiple versions of the truth and increased risk when making decisions. Duplicated effort was also a side effect of systems that couldn't exchange information without it being cleansed. This happened in multiple places within 'Business processes' and increased risk and wastage.

Lack of trust was the consequence of all the above issues. All of this combined in the worst possible way and lead to late payments and loss of work due to disjointed inconsistent information within 'Business Processes'.

A new way.

Something had to change, but it needed to be simple.

To create GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) we looked at the core systems that were being used within 'Business Processes'. Once we'd isolated these we took the concepts behind them and looked at how they were being used. From this we could define the good and bad bits of each system. This allowed us to define the needs of our platform.

GARNET8 Limited set out with the following objectives to:

  • Create a system that mirrored 'Business Processes' with trusted information.
  • Connect front-office information to back office processes.
  • Provide a product that was accessible to organisations of all sizes.
  • Deliver a way of personalising solutions to support the needs of an organisation in a low cost way.
  • Allow an organisation to secure and control their own data easily.
  • Enable organisation to evolve, supporting change management, building on the value of information.
  • Govern information in a controlled way that was collaborative, accessible and re-usable.
  • Engage people within the business ecosystem as things happened to reduce risk.
  • Display associated information within a single screen from across many systems.
  • Deliver real-time high quality information to make decisions at all levels of the organisation.
  • Integrate back office communications and processes to deliver a complete information set.
  • Provide knowledge of someone's interaction with a specific piece of information.

These objectives lead us to create G8CC.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC).

G8CC's a simple to use and easy to configure peer-2-peer network, platform and framework. Its simplicity allows organisation to focus on delivering value within 'Business Processes' based on trust and engagement.

G8CC provides organisations with the opportunity to focus on process need, not how it all works together. This creates a unified data layer that becomes the foundation for organisations to build upon. G8CC simplicity moves IT budgets from development or IT debt to demonstrating and creating value from the information within 'Business Processes'.