As cross-border data traffic increase, you leak knowledge.

You lack business intelligence on 45 time more information than in 2005. That's because your systems can't manage data across traditional borders. Because, they leak data, leaving you chasing knowledge.

"The new culture of work: Don't get left Behind" [0] explains how data usage is changing. The Forbes insight says,

Cross-border data traffic has increased by a multiple of 45 since 2005.

Pitching the workplace of the future as,

A borderless nexus of cyber-physical systems

Your current IT systems are designed for use within traditional borders. As you collaborate to complete tasks they replicate data. This leaks knowledge, create wastage and block your ability to collaborate. Your systems don't harness the governance needed for cross-border traffic.

Harnessing governance allows you to support compliance. That secures traffic as it goes across traditional borders. The governance builds trust driving processes, tasks and decisions. That allows you to collaborate and make decisions on trusted data. This delivers business intelligence on a complete data-set.

Your silos and replication impede value.

Digital provides an opportunity. But, the pockets of data and replication don't harness its value. These solutions mirror the static nature of paper. They leave you chasing knowledge.

The replication of this data impedes value. It makes it hard for you to analyse change and support engagement. The replicated data lacks governance and risks compliance.

Your IT systems inhibit the ability to extend value. They block agility, leaving you to chase knowledge.

Harnessing the value of cross-border data traffic.

Harnessing this traffic improves business intelligence. It enables you to collaborate, building trust. That supports faster, better decisions, allowing you to reduce risks.

Digital flexibility allows you to harness data. The Internets connectivity allows you to reuse data value. Governing data empowers you to secure data across traditional borders.

Building systems around this allows you to collaborate and extend value. That supports business agility.

Solution to harness cross-border data traffic.

To maximise the value of this traffic you must be able to extend its reuse. Applying governance to a single data object achieves this. It allows you to build trust for cross traffic governed data management. That empowers you to collaborate, extend and reuse data. This breaks from the replication and static pockets of data.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a simple solution. It empowers you to wrap unique data with governance. That allows you to reuse a single data object with different views. This supports cross-border data traffic, allowing you to unleash its value.

The ability to collaborate on trusted data adds value. G8CC secures an auditable trial supporting change. This allows you to make better decisions. That is because you don't have to chase knowledge.

G8CC allows you to extend data value across traditional borders. This means if data changes it is automatically correct. That reduces risk, empowering you to build trust.

G8CC provides a low risk, simple solution to harness data. It was built from the ground up to support cross-border data traffic.

[0] This report was sponsored by Microsoft.