Delivering 3058% Return on Investment for Hampshire Business.

Using 'Better Data' enabled collaboration and productivity through consolidation of business processes.

Empowering you to easily migrate from paper to digital.

With GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) they've created a simple and agile future. This allows them to reduce costs and extend the value of data. That delivers a lower total cost of ownership for Hills of Botley.

A Hampshire business has gained a 3058% return on its investment with GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) by eliminating data replication and manipulation thereby reducing costs and gaining a streamlined understandable, productive data management system. All this within a fully customised Private Software as a Service (SaaS) environment in local data centre. Prior to implementing a fully customised, private GARNET8 Collaboration Cloud service, they had:

  • Legacy Systems: These systems were isolated, producing incorrectly formatted exports and were not compatible for their needs.
  • Spreadsheets: That needed creating and manipulating to interact between legacy and other services.
  • XERO Accounting Software: Previously a SAGE Line50 user Hills had moved to XERO to improve accessibility, reduce costs and improve working practise with their accountants. But, this failed as XERO could not provide the flexibility needed and was actually increasing their costs.
  • Paper Ledgers: Were used to track outgoing costs and then later replicated into the XERO. The process was a replication of effort, a source of accountancy cost and had a substantial risk of errors that then created even more costs.

They generated a 3058 % first year Return on Ivestment (ROI) all by having 'Better Data'.

Hills of Botley run two vastly different services, they have a Commercial Property portfolio and an Abnormal Load Escort service. Both services share client’s data as customers or suppliers. Hills looked to GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) to enable a customised and streamlined data management system, to drive financial savings and increase productivity.

Hills and their clients found the ever increasing paper trial had become totally impractical and hugely costly to track. For example multiple invoices were being created at different times for different services within the same period on the same premises. With this build-up of invoices, accounts and paper trial, they found themselves loosing track of payments and had to rely on their clients to aid them with paper-trials and payments.

G8CC has transformed this via a unique data-driven architecture, within a customised platform. A ‘Digital Paper Clip’ to eliminate the paper trial. Hills gained a service that allowed them to generate new processes that facilitated the streamlining of information across the entire business. 'Better Data' delivering a true benefit to all.

GARNET8 were able to support Hills prepare their change as they developed a simple flowchart documenting the flow of data and the needs of the fields within the forms. The Apps that were created for Hills private SaaS took less than 3 hours to prepare. GARNET8 delivered the customised service and Hills where using the system within a single day.

G8CC enabled Hills to gain 'Better Data' and allowed them to focus on their needs and their business. They eliminated inefficient businesses processes and the need to constantly cleanse BAD data.

The results from 'Better Data' management where simply astonishing:

  • Business Savings.
    • Reduction of accountancy costs.
    • Accurate VAT returns, that lead to a reduction in what was being paid.
    • Software and Support costs vastly reduced.
  • Efficiency.
    • Faster payments from clients, as they only had one invoice containing all charges.
    • Better management of outgoing costs, as the Digital PaperClip allowed expenses and receipts to matched with out error.
  • Productivity.
    • Productivity gains as ALL users could easily and reliably find the information they needed.