Case Study: Integrated data delivers a 3058% ROI.

Business process and B2B integration enabled Hills to outperform competitors. It enabled them to create agility and resilience. That reduces time to value and ongoing cost.

Hills had paper processes and silos. These blocked data flow. This left employees chasing knowledge. That increased wastage, risk and cost.

Hills needed an agile, efficient integration layer to unlock business value.

Hills created a data integration layer. This allowed them to share data across business processes and traditional borders. The data layer supports business and B2B integration. It empowered them to make better decisions faster, lowering risk and cost.

Hills data integration layer lead to a 3058% ROI in its first year of use.

Hills data management consisted of:

  • Legacy Systems: These systems were isolated. They produced incorrectly formatted data and were not compatible. This blocked the flow of data and their needs.
  • Spreadsheets where used to "integrate" systems. These needed creating and manipulating. That lead to higher risk and cost.
  • XERO Accounting Software: They had previously used SAGE Line50. They had moved to XERO to improve accessibility, reduce costs and improve working practice. But, this failed as XERO could not provide the flexibility needed. That lead to an increase in time wasted and cost.
  • Paper and Paper Ledgers. Paper notes were used collaborate and ledges to track outgoing. These costs where replicated into the XERO. These process replicated effort. This created substantial risk of error that then created even more costs.

Hills and their B2B partners had an ever-increasing paper trial. This was hugely costly to track. For example multiple invoices were created at different times for different services. This lead to them loosing track of payments.

Hills run two vastly different businesses. These businesses needed to share data. Digital allows them to do this. But, their digital transformation has been disjointed. That has lead to silos and wastage.

Hills have a Commercial Property portfolio and an Abnormal Load Escort service. Both services share client’s data as customers or suppliers.

Hills looked to G8CC to unlock Business and B2B integration.

Hills wanted to create agility and reduce risk and cost.

G8CC enabled them to customise and streamline their data management system. That drove financial savings and increases productivity.

G8CC transformed Hills data management via a unique data-driven architecture. This architecture allowed them to join-up, reuse and extend data across processes. That empowered them to reduce wastage, lowering ongoing cost.

The results for Hills are:

  • Business Savings.
    • Reduction of accountancy costs.
    • Accurate VAT returns, that lead to a reduction in what was being paid.
    • Software and Support costs vastly reduced.
  • Efficiency.
    • Faster payments from clients, as they only had one invoice containing all charges.
    • Better management of outgoing costs, as the Digital PaperClip allowed expenses and receipts to matched with out error.
  • Productivity.
    • Productivity gains as ALL users could easily and reliably find the information they needed.

How GARNET8 supported their business integration.

GARNET8 were able to support Hills. They prepare their change and developed a simple flowchart documenting the flow of data. This was built on and defined fields within the forms that suited their needs. The Apps that got created for Hills created a private SaaS. This took less than 3 hours to prepare.

GARNET8 delivered the customised service for Hills. This was achieved in a single day.

G8CC enabled Hills to gain 'Better Data'. That allowed them to focus on their needs and integrate B2B partners. This eliminated inefficient businesses processes. That moved them beyond the need to constantly cleanse BAD data.

G8CC provides opportunities for:

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