Data Integration Software.

The use of Data Hubs, Warehouses and Integration systems have lead to new silos. These silos block agility and create multiple versions of the truth. That increases cost and risk.

Harness the flexibility of digital and data with our simple software. Securely, access, integrate and extend data. To create a low risk, agile, data-driven, integrated foundation.

Data Integration unlocks business value. But, the use of centralised systems such as Data Hubs now block agility. That is because they are reliant on an "extract" process. This process copies data from on place to another in a new format.

Traditional data integration software increases risk and cost, blocking agility.

Digital and data provides a flexibility that hasn't been harnessed for business integration. It allows you to reuse and extend its value.

To harness the value of digital and data you must look beyond replicating it. This replication creates new silos and increases risk and cost.

Connectivity releases digital and data value. It unlocks the use of asynchronous requests. This creates an integrated shared network of information. That integrates and extend data value.

There is a new way to harness digital value.

G8CC an innovative data integration solution. It encapsulates a:

G8CC creates an asynchronous network of integrated data objects.

This creates a low risk, low cost data integration layer. The two functionalities come together to harness data. They create a secure single data object. This data object creates a single version of the truth.

G8CC's views allow you to integrate data. This provides an innovative data integration solution in a simple software package.

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