Install and configure Microsoft SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu 18.04 (Part 1).

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft,

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 provides a relational database management system. It connects to NoSQL, Relational Databases and Big Data solutions.

This is the first in a three part series. This part looks at installing the the Microsoft SQL server. The next part looks at installing an ODBC driver to connect to SQL Server. The last part connects G8CC a middleware and distributed data sharing platform. This allows you to merge, govern and reuse data across traditional borders. That unlock data mobility and visibility.

We will install Microsoft SQL Server on the Ubuntu operating system. The Ubuntu version is 18.04 (Bionic).

This uses a Ubuntu terminal.

In this how to we explain how to:

  • Install Microsoft SQL Server 2019.
  • Configure the system.
  • Setup a developers license type.

Step 1 - Installing Microsoft SQL Server 2019.

First we need to import the public GPG Key for Microsoft SQL Server.

We start by typing "sudo su" into the terminal. You will be prompted for a password. This changes the user to root. Next we enter the following three commands.

curl | apt-key add -
curl > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mssql-release.list

The second command updates the product list on Ubuntu. If you are using an early or later version of Ubuntu this command with have a different URL.

Next we will apply any updates.

sudo apt-get update

Now we can install Microsoft SQL Server.

sudo apt-get install -y msodbcsql17

We now have Microsoft SQL Server installed.

Step 2 - Configuring Microsoft SQL Server 2019.

To start the configuration type the following into the terminal and click enter.

sudo /opt/mssql/bin/mssql-conf setup

This setup will take you through a number of steps. The first step is license configuration. For this we will use a developer license. To do this you type "2" when prompted.

The next step is accepting license terms. You can view them here. If you accept them type "yes".

Now we choose the language to use. We choose to use "English". Microsoft SQL Server includes 11 language options. To select English you type 1.

Next you enter and confirm an administrative password. If the password isn't strong enough you will get an error message.

When configured your get the following message. "Setup has completed successfully. SQL Server is now starting".

You can test the status of your Microsoft SQL Server install with the following command.

systemctl status mssql-server --no-pager

If working correctly your see a response similar to below.

Next we will install the Microsoft ODBC driver.

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