GARNET8, Making IT Simple.

GARNET8's focus is to:

  • Deliver innovative solutions for Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes.
  • Empower organisations to easily extend the value of their information to support business change.
  • Allow organisations to build upon their investments.
  • Unlock the potential of structured information within organisations, through simple, collaborative and automated software.
  • Provide exceptional user experience.
  • Enable the use of trusted, secure information management within organisations and across their bounders.
  • Simplify IT delivery, enabling organisations to focus on process needs.

~ Our Mission ~

Is to 'Make Information Technology Simple', enabling Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes to 'Save Time and Money'.

Our mission empowers organisations to focus on their information needs.

GARNET8 Limited was founded in 2012 to deliver a product that enables Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes to support business process with trusted data, saving them 'time and money'.

Enables the collaborative and engaging use of trusted data across business processes to reduce business risk and increase productivity.

Simplifies the development and extension of data management systems, reducing IT investment.

Removes duplicated effort within business processes thereby reducing costs.

Removes the loss of knowledge, disjointed engagement and costly process of 'Extract, Cleanse, Transfer and Load' procedures within organisations. Allowing you to make better decisions faster.

Mitigates risk in change management around business processes, increasing your organisation's productivity.

Makes better use of infrastructure (Hardware), removing data and hardware sprawl reducing your organisation's ongoing costs.

Enables the use of existing skills to deliver innovative solutions to support your 'Business Processes', reducing IT debt and ongoing IT costs.

Allows you to store information and deliver systems in infrastructure that suits your needs.

Provides End-Users with a simple intuitive user experience that delivers them value, reducing roll-out costs for your organisation.

Building on these objectives, GARNET8 Limited developed GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC). G8CC is a simple, efficient, scalable and cost effective low risk solution. This solution enables you to deliver systems that support your business processes with trusted high quality engaging information that comes from trusted data.

G8CC moves you from things that cost you time and money to a simple, trusted reusable solution that delivers business value.