GCloud supplier providing simple, yet extremely powerful solution to seamlessly unlock the potential of Government's Data.

Enabling GCloud buyer to easily:

  • Empower front-line staff to support citizen needs.
  • Revitalise their legacy software estate.
  • Build a resilient data-driven infrastructure.
  • Deliver Governments IT Strategy.
  • Harness the power of your data.
  • Overcome the skills shortage.
  • Reduce their IT costs.

Procuring GARNET8's Services and Products through the Governments Digital Marketplace (formerly GCloud) provides faster time to value and lower procurement costs within a trusted framework.

Within a couple of clicks you can see if your Government Department has a GCloud buyers account here.

Providing GCloud buyers with.

Seamless, secure and intuitive solution to support processes and employees with structured information when and where it's needed.

Opportunities for Government Departments to:

  • Take simple step to transform their legacy software estate.
  • Support their current and future service needs.
  • Deliver their digital transformation, doing more for less.
  • Make better decisions on complex problems.
  • Deliver Governments Digital and Transformation stategy, supporting their Cloud First/Native Policy.
  • Deliver a transformation within your software estate, reducing ongoing costs.

Government Departments benefits from:

  • Supporting citizens with better, joined up services.
  • Empowering front-line staff to address citizen needs, not information management.
  • Better and faster support for change management at a lower cost.
  • Agility, faster transformation that supports citizens and reduces costs.
  • Breaking the shackles of software, reducing your licensing, management costs.
  • Faster, better decisions to mitigate risk and reduce costs.
  • Lower change management, storage, infrastructure and support costs.

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  • Empowering Governments to:

    • Harness the power of data.
    • Support secure, collaborative, governed, engaging and automated systems.
    • Create an automatically caring society
  • Enabling front-line staff to move beyond managing information to support those with the greatest need.


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