Integrated Healthcare data management that puts Patients and Staff front and centre.

Enabling personalisation of Care Plans while empowering Healthcare Professionals to release valuable time to support those in need. An integrated Healthcare data management system that unlocks time by harnessing data.

Accelerating joined-up Patient Care Record Management. With G8CC you see a single view of the patient. This allows Healthcare professionals to make informed decisions faster.

To see how you can accelerate the delivery of a data-driven, joined-up Patient Care Record take our tour here. G8CC provides an opportunity to unlock trust within Healthcare data management.

Releasing valuable time.

Maximising the value of digital and structured data management empowers Healthcare Professionals and Administration staff. It allows them to release valuable time, enabling them to spend greater time supporting Patients needs.

Our simple, interactive, guided tour demonstrates the ease with which Healthcare Institutions can deliver a unified patient record. This enables Healthcare professionals to deliver coherent, concise care plans, supporting better outcomes for Patients.

We've based our demo on a paper form used within Southampton NHS Trust (UK), you can take the tour here.

Staff and Patients front and centre of Healthcare data management.

G8CC empowers Healthcare Professionals to make informed decisions faster. It provides access to secure, governed, coherent, collaborative information about Patients at their finger tips. This unlocks the value of Healthcare data management.

G8CC is an innovative Data Hub. It allows you to embrace and extend silos. This moves Healthcare data management beyond replicating patient records. This provides a single point of data to join-up and automate. That reduces wastage and costs, delivering higher quality outcomes faster.

G8CC makes it simple for Healthcare Professionals to extend and add value to the Patient Care Record across decentralised processes and tasks. It creates a unique identifier at the centre of the Care Record, providing a joined-up medical history.

This enables Healthcare institutions to support personalised care plans for better outcomes. Within our simple, interactive guided tour here we demonstrate how this can be easily achieved.

You can find additional information about G8CC's usage within Healthcare here. Within the page we answer a number of question we get asked. It explains how G8CC can deliver efficient use of digital and data to empower faster outcomes.