Innovative, Simple, Powerful Supply Chain Integration Software.

Supply Chain Integration Software supports internal functions, partners alignment, data sharing and governance. These reduces risk and cost, unlocking supply chain agility.

The silos and blind spots in Supply Chains increase risk and cost. Traditional Supply Chain Integration Software increases risk, cost and complexity.

Supply Chain Integration Software is of utmost importance. It enables Supply Chains to align internal functions, partners needs, data sharing and governance.

This show through in the PWC Supply Chain Innovation Survey. The survey revealed:


Agreed the "Alignment between partners in the supply chain" had a significant importance.


Say "Alignment and integration between internal business functions" as important.


Confirm "Upstream and downstream process integration and information sharing" is important.


Look to "Risk Governance" as important.


Supply Chains investments in Data Hubs and EDI doesn't unlock integrations value. These solutions rely on an "extract" process. This process copies data from one silo to another. That creates complex, high cost and hard to manage IT systems. This doesn't unlock the value or flexibility that digital provides.

Supply Chain Integration Software provides an opportunity to overcome challenges.

Supply Chain Integration Software to drive modern delivery.

The modern Supply Chain must have visibility beyond Tier One suppliers. It must support data visibility, with actionable, real-time data. This allows Supply Chains to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It empowers them to act and support change and disruption.

The complexity and cost of traditional supply chain integration software blocks this. That leaves value on the table.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown Supply Chains must unlock agility and data visibility. To secure and release this value Supply Chains must be able to access data.

Supply Chain Integration Software for the data-driven supply chain.

G8CC's an innovative Supply Chain Integration Software solution.

G8CC provides a simple, flexible, secure data access management and integration solution. This reduces time to value and secures Supply Chain Integration.

It has a low risk, low cost delivery model. It enables Supply Chains to reuse and build on existing silos. This harnesses governance and unlocks B2B data sharing. That enables Supply Chains to support their integration needs.

G8CC supports secure, governed data visibility. This unlocks b2b integration across supply chain members. That delivers support for Tier One, Two and Three integration.

G8CC harnesses database silos and spreadsheets to create actionable, real-time data. This enables Supply Chains to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

With G8CC Supply Chains can start small and easily scale. This reduces delivery risk and unlocks ongoing agility. That reduces risk and cost.

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