Innovative Supply Chain Integration solution.

A distributed data network creates a trusted layer of information. G8CC provides an Innovative Supply Chain Integration layer. It reduces risk and cost.

The silos and blind spots in Supply Chains increase risk and cost. Our innovate Supply Chain Integration layer overcomes this. It unlocks the real-time value of Supply Chain data integration.

Supply Chains have invested in Data Hubs and EDI. These solutions rely on an "extract" process. This process copies data from one silo to another. This creates a complex and hard to manage data architecture. That doesn't unlock the value or flexibility the digital provides.

Existing solution create a large amount of replication. This replicates risk and cost.

G8CC an innovative Supply Chain integration solution. It encapsulates a:

G8CC creates an asynchronous network of data objects.

This creates a low risk, low cost layer that reduces risk and cost. The two functionalities come together to harness data. They create a secure single data object. This data object creates a single version of the truth.

The data object gets reused within the asynchronous network. This allows supply chain members access to trusted, secure data.

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