Duplicated costs within Local Governments and Policing.

Current information management within Local Government and Policing is:

  • Shackling front-line employees to information management and aggregation.
  • Increasing risk for decision makers as they are impeded by outdated, inconsistent information.
  • Restricting IT's abilities, because they are left supporting bespoke integration and layers of replication, restricting their ability to evolve.
  • Duplicating costs and wastage across line of business processes and tasks.
  • Interfering with their abilities to build on and reuse value.
  • Increasing costs to deliver systems that support front-line services, leaving citizen needs unaddressed.
  • Impeding the delivery of end-to-end digitalisation.

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Local Government services and Policing need coherent, encrypted, collaborative and automated end-to-end digitalisation.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) supports a low risk, low cost foundation for Local Government Services and Policing to build upon. It achieves this within a continuously evolving foundation that removes the information disconnect, enabling them to save 'Time and Money'.

Its decentralised nature empowers local service delivery to collaborate on structured, governed information. It delivers this without pooling information into a single silo and without untrusted replication. This enables closer integration, access management and governance, with built-in trust, lowering delivery and total cost of ownership.

It provides IT departments with a simple tool-kit that's easily personalise to local service needs building on and reusing investments. This moves IT from supporting legacy or delivering high risk, high cost solutions to agile, scalable systems that empowers IT to focus on the citizen and employee needs.

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