Innovative software included on UK Government's flagship framework.

  • Innovative Software created by GARNET8 Limited included on the UK Government's flagship GCloud-11 framework, which has achieved £3billion+ plus in sales over the 10 previous iterations.
  • GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) is disrupting the lacklustre innovation around structured data management, enabling organisations to maximise the value of Digital and Structured Data.
  • GARNET8's building on being:
    • Invited to 11 Downing street by Elizabeth Truss MP for a Business and GovTech Leader event late in 2018.
    • Shortlisted for 2 Innovation awards at the National Technology Awards earlier in 2019.

Cloud Innovation of the Year

Innovative Enterprise Product of the Year

Innovative Multi-Cloud Software Framework included on GCloud-11.

GARNET8 Limited has had their innovative Software Framework included on the Governments Digital Marketplace (GCloud-11) framework. This builds on a tremendous end to 2018 and start to 2019 for GARNET8. Their innovative solution provides an opportunity for Governments, Healthcare, Supply Chains and Business of all sizes to maximise the value of Digital and Structured Data. The inclusion on the GCloud framework is an opportunity for GARNET8 to build upon their strong foundation, providing an innovative, new approach to Structured Data management, governance, collaboration, automation and visualisation.

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Chris Cook's introduction to GARNET8 Limited and the outcomes GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) our Software Framework can deliver.


Chris Cook Founder GARNET8 It's fantastic to be included on the GCloud-11 framework offering a genuinely, innovative, disruptive, alternative to the lacklustre paper, structured silos and spreadsheets that have been supporting Governments, their associated departments and the NHS (Health and Social Care) for the last 30 years.

Chris Cook Founder GARNET8 Limited.

GARNET8's disrupting the way in which structured data is managed. It's achieving this by providing a genuine alternative to the painful, replicative, disjointed, high risk way in which structured data is currently being managed. This enables Governments, their associated departments, Healthcare, Supply Chains and Businesses of all sizes to maximise the value of Digital and Structured Data. GARNET8's a self funded business that took the risk and time to build GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC); an innovative, simple, low risk software framework, that empowers organisation to build upon and reuse the value of Digital and Structured Data across decentralised processes and tasks, enabling these organisations to focus on outcomes.

With GARNET8's acceptance on the GCloud-11 framework, GARNET8 can easily provide Governments with a coherent, achievable vision and solution to deliver not just a joined-up Healthcare Record Management but also, a holistic view of the Citizen across Government Institutions and their boundaries. This all embracing view of the citizen will empower front line Healthcare Professionals and Employee's to release valuable time to support those in need. Utilising and maximising the value of Digital and Structured Data provides an opportunity for Governments to reduce IT delivery and ongoing costs, with simple, focused, data-driven solutions that supports their process and task needs.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) unique governance and design empower collaboration and automation with output data streams enabling visualisation upon a complete data-set, not just information at a point in time. This allows organisations to easily break down silos and spreadsheets, enabling them to build for the future.

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