Making IT simple for Small and Medium Business to deliver opportunities that empowers them to maximise their potential.

Empowering Small and Medium Business to:

  • Deliver simple personalisation that suits their needs.
  • Maximise the potential and value of their information.
  • Reuse and build upon business value and investments to support business change.
  • Remove ongoing inefficiencies and duplicated effort, allowing them to save 'Time and Money'.
  • Seamlessly collaborate within their business ecosystem, delivering efficient, cost effective processes.

Delivering faster, higher Returns on Investment.

Understanding small and medium business IT pain.

Small and medium businesses suffer from outdated, disconnected and inefficient use of technology and information. The disconnect across processes frustrates employees and the business finds it difficult to entice and retain talent.

Small and Medium Business IT is increasing wastage, cost and risk. The effect of which only serves to thwart their ability to reach their true potential.

Small and Medium Businesses need a simple, yet powerful, solution to modernise IT. They need easily customise their systems to suit their processes. The solution must also enable them to innovate faster, consolidate costs and improve their information and outcomes, so they can maximise the value within the business.

Built to empower small and medium businesses.

Our solution was designed within a small and medium business ecosystem. It was designed from the ground up to be simple enough to customise without any programming knowledge. This allows small and medium businesses to deliver and easily extend information value.

With 3000%+ Returns on Investment, our solution provides a new way for small and medium businesses. By reducing waste, cost and risk, by consolidating and personalising in a simple, easy to manage solution.

Enabling Small and Medium Business to consolidate and maximise the value of their information.

Providing a simple alternative for small and medium businesses.

Our solution empowers small and medium businesses to deliver solutions truly personal to them. This enables them to support coherent processes with high quality information, that allows them to realise their full potential.

With GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) you can quickly and easily deliver returns, with better information, simple processes and retaining staff.

You can contact us here or download a simple document that will help you transform your business from difficult to easy, so you can compete.