Supply Chains disjointed, disconnected, replicated and high risk processes are impeding outcomes.

With GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) supply chains benefit from:

  • Greater visibility, continuity and value from the entire supply chain.
  • Improved task and process management.
  • Reduced Risk, Errors, Fraud and Costs.
  • Collaboration, engagement, trust and automation.
  • Removed of duplicated effort, saving 'Time and Money'.
  • Being able to react faster.

See how building upon and extending the value of information, mirroring processes and tasks can improve outcomes by

Supply Chain suboptimal processes.

Distribution of data, fragmented information systems and organisational blind spots across the supply chain, impede the flow of goods and information. This hampers tactical planning and flexibility; increases costs and risk; delivers suboptimal processes.

To optimise the supply chain information needs to mirror the physical process of tasks. This provides the opportunity to deliver real-time vision using information across the supply chain.

Providing governed, transparent and traceable vision throughout the supply chain allows organisations to benefit from real-time intelligence, visualisation, automation and trust. This creates a solid foundation for organisations within the supply chain to reduce risks and costs, empowering them to save 'Time and Money'.

Tool-kit to optimise data within the Supply Chain.

Simple, Governed, Transparent, Trusted, Collaborative, Agile Supply Chains.

With our solution organisations have a simple, yet extremely powerful tool-kit to optimise information throughout their supply chains.

It provides a simple way to extend and automate the value of information without compromising the integrity or compliance of the data. Reusing a single, governed uncorrupted data object throughout the supply chain builds trust, breaks down silos and vastly reduces the chance of error.

Using GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) enables organisations to react faster, innovate around information and harness its power far beyond a replicated database. G8CC provides a information capture, governance, collaboration, routing and storage layer, that allows members within the supply chain to build value and trust.

G8CC empowers supply chains to reduce costs, consolidate systems and move beyond the high risk, high cost usage of Phone, Email, Data Silos, Spreadsheets and Paper.

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