Data accessibility in Healthcare drives efficiencies.

Access to information enables healthcare to increase patient satisfaction. It allows providers to detect changes and respond faster, driving better outcomes.

Secure access to trusted information, enabling front-line staff to make more informed, faster decisions. This allows Healthcare to respond faster, improving patient outcomes.

Silos in Healthcare have led to the disjointed use of information and collaboration. The silos impede decisions and data accessibility in Healthcare. They've led to more risk and more cost. Secure data accessibility in Healthcare enables providers to unlock the use of trusted information.

Silos across Healthcare providers have led to the use of Data Hubs. These Data Hubs copy data from multiple silos into a new centralised silo. This centralised silo is rigid and requires high cost, high risk integration. That's led Healthcare to the need for more storage, more security, more governance. This doesn't harness the flexibility digital provides to secure data accessibility in Healthcare.

Unique data hubs have been created across Healthcare providers and trusts. This has led to more silos, more restrictions, more integration and more costs. That blocks data visibility.

Healthcare must harness and govern access to existing silos to unlock the value of data. This means moving beyond copying data to another silo.

An innovative way to secure data accessibility in Healthcare.

Digital and its underlying connectivity enables data to get governed and reused from an existing silo. This removes the need to copy data from multiple silos to centralised solutions. That removes the high risk, high cost integration and additional storage, security...

The reuse of data empowers Healthcare to secure a unique data object of the truth. These truths get linked-up and aggregated into views. The views get aggregated into systems to enable automation, decisions and collaboration. That enables secure data accessibility in Healthcare.

The use of single, linked-up data objects of the truth get connected to a root object. This creates a single point of entry to linked data. That enables front-line staff to find and access trusted information faster when and where they need it. This allows them to collaborate and make decisions, without the need to chase knowledge. This secures data collaboration that enables Healthcare to drive efficiencies.

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A single, governed data object of the truth allows Healthcare to detect changes and respond faster. This enables real-time automation to get triggered as information changes. This unlocks greater value from information across Healthcare and wider systems.

Digital provides a flexibility to secure governed access to unique fields in a single data object. This allows information to get accessed and updated based on personal or a group based governance. This secures data accessibility in Healthcare.

A solution that harnesses and builds on existing silos creates a linked-up electronic healthcare record. This secures the value of data accessibility in healthcare.

G8CC, a solution to secure data accessibility in Healthcare.

G8CC enables Healthcare providers to secure, share, collaborate on and automate data. It enables them to create a linked-up electronic healthcare record that builds on and extends existing silos. This reuses existing investments, reducing delivery and ongoing cost.

G8CC includes a flexibile, granular access management system. This unlocks secure data accessibility in Healthcare.

G8CC wraps governance, automation and linked-data across unique data objects. This enables healthcare to build on existing investments, reusing data to create a linked-up electronic healthcare record.

G8CC allows Healthcare to secure and link-up unique objects. These linked objects get aggregated into a single screen based on access management. This secure data accessibility in Healthcare.

G8CC secures Healthcare Data Management. It harnesses and unlocks the flexibility digital and its underlying connectivity provides in Healthcare.

G8CC includes connectors for many popular databases used in Healthcare. That enables Healthcare providers to reuse and build on information faster. That lowers delivery risk and cost.

G8CC includes connectors for:

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  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

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