Reduce risk with faster change management, improving outcomes.

Your incoherent, patchwork of digitalisation is increasing risk in your organisation because the:

  • Cost to change and extend your IT systems is high.
  • Time it takes to support your business change impedes competitive advantage.
  • Complexity created from your business change leads to higher costs and more layers of IT and resources to manage.
  • Resources needed to support your business change increases duplication, costing more time and more money.
  • IT debt created from tightly coupled systems restricts your organisations ability to build on or extend existing value.
  • Duplication creates multiple versions of the truth, which impedes decision making, risking your brand value.
  • Lack of accountability due to complexity and staff change, increases your risk of failure.

Simple, coherent business change, supported by trusted information.

Coherent change management, supported by reusable data.

Moving your organisation beyond tightly coupled structured systems, supported by layers of replication and duplicated costs will empower your future change management. Your organisation need to look to a loosely coupled data management system, supported by small concise data structures. Using small, concise data structures enables your organisation to easily reuse and extend the value of your information. Within your organisation this empowers agility, low risk, lower cost change management, allowing you to focus on process needs.

Solution that supports simple, low risk change management.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a simple low risk solution that empowers fast, coherent, change management across business processes. It enables you to start small and continuous evolve building on business value. G8CC's framework allows your organisations to easily create concise data structures that are simple to extend. This enables your organisation to build on and reuse investment and informations value, supporting faster change management. The platform that underpins the framework supports simple real-time automation and output for coherent visualisation across processes, enabling faster, better decisions, reducing risk.

This tour shows you how simple it is to build a coherent, continuously evolving information foundation using G8CC. It demonstrates how to create concise, continuously evolving structured information systems that supports collaboration, information governance, automation, visualisation and simple change management.

G8CC provides your organisation with a simple, low risk solution to move beyond the wastage and cost associated with change management.