The way in which people work is changing. This change is faster than many organisations can support.

Information managements impeding change, because:

  • Silo's and replication aren't delivering staff expectations.
  • Information management is wasting staff time.
  • Replications increasing total cost-of-ownership, restricting your organisations ability to support change.
  • Staff are struggling to access information to make decisions, when and where they need it.
  • Duplicated effort within organisations and across their boundaries is wasting 'Time and Money'.
  • Disruptive, disjointed, duplicative storage and processes significantly increase staff workloads.

If Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes don't change, they are left exposed to poor decisions, staff wasting time and lack of agility to support their future.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides the means for organisations to evolve painlessly delivering a truly collaborative environment that is simple extend and supports existing processes.

The amount of data being created is increasing rapidly, organisations are supported by silos or outlandishly complicated layers of software, replicating data and reducing confidence in business information. This is vastly increasing management costs and risk, reducing agility and producing unreliable decisions.

G8CC provides a simple tool-kit to extend and reuse data, reduce costs, increase agility and secure a single trustworthy vision of the truth. This provides organisations with a coherent picture, empowering better decisions and improving organisation outcomes.

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